What Are Some Details About Bishop Noel Jones’ Wife?

Bishop Jones is not married, but he has been with Loretta Jones for 16 years and they are together. Bishop Jones has said that he and Loretta are just friends, but Loretta said on the show “Preacher of L.A.” that she wants to get married. Bishop Jones and Loretta also work together in business. They own JJ’s Bistro in Inglewood, California, which serves southern food.

Bishop Jones started dating Loretta after he split up with his first wife, Ruth Jones, in 1992. He says that Loretta knew from the beginning that he didn’t want to get married again because of his first divorce. Bishop Jones has also said that he and Loretta are a good match and that there is no sex in their relationship. Bishop Jones and Loretta are not married, but Loretta acts as his wife at public events and on the show “Preachers of L.A.”

Since he divorced his wife and has been with Loretta for a long time, many people are surprised by their relationship. Bishop Noel Jones is the head pastor of Gardena, California’s City of Refuge Church. Jones’s first marriage gave him three grown children, Noel II, Tifani, and Eric. He was also rumoured to be dating NeNe Leakes and LisaRaye McCoy.


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