What Are Some Cylinder-Shaped Object Examples?

A battery, a toilet paper roll, an aerosol can, and numerous glasses and cups are examples of cylinder-shaped things. A three-dimensional object with two circular bases and straight sides is known as a cylinder.

Vases, jars, and planters can all be cylindrical, however the sides may taper in or out at times. Cylinders are also made up of straight pieces of tubing or pipes. Many candles are cylinders, whether votives, elongated dinner candles, wide, long-lasting, fragrant candles, or single birthday-cake candles. Pencils, pencils, markers, glue sticks, soft-drink cans, spools of thread, poles, test tubes, fire extinguishers, wires, and even coins are cylinders. Cylindrical cylinders are also graduated cylinders. Medicine, yo-yos, lipstick tubes, chalk, water bottles, salt shakers


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