What Are Some Cultural Group Examples?

Cultural groups found in the United States include African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, and Hispanic and Latino Americans.

Cultural practises, tradition, history, and cultural group identities are all shared by members of these cultural groupings.

Cultural norms are a part of cultural groups and influence how people interact within them. Cultural norms aid communication by offering a shared reference point as a resource, allowing people to avoid having to make up new rules every time they meet someone new. Cultural norms exist in all societies and are both similar and dissimilar. Committee meetings, dinner parties, and brainstorming sessions are examples of cultural norms.

Culture used to be limited to a single nation state and defined by that country. Culture is no longer confined to one one nation state, thanks to the global world and the melting pot society prevalent in the United States and many other countries. Pacific Islander cultural groups, for example, can be found throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States.

People can share their cultural practises beyond geographical boundaries because to technology. Rather than a specific country state, culture is today defined by common views, values, and a shared understanding of the world.


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