What Are Some Common Problems With Mr. Buddy Heaters?

According to TacticalIntelligence.net, common issues with Mr. Heater Big Buddy heaters include blocked regulator and control valves, noisy and weak fans, leaking hoses, and fuel inefficiency. The heaters cannot be fixed once they have been damaged.

Due to the high PSI of the 20-pound propane tank, residue can clog the regulator and control valve when using the Big Buddy Heater with the 20-pound tank. This can be avoided by shutting off the tank prior to the heater and letting the remaining fuel in the hose to completely burn off. Using a gas line filter prevents this obstruction as well. If the user does not follow the directions and the valves and regulator become clogged, the heater is irreparably damaged and cannot be repaired.

The Mr. Heater Big Buddy heater propels heat with a battery- or AC-powered fan. This fan has a noisy engine, and according to user reviews, it is not powerful enough to circulate heat in larger rooms.

The chemical reaction between the rubber and gas produces an oily residue, causing hoses to leak. To eliminate this issue, it is possible to replace the hose with one that features a pressure-reducing regulator.

The Big Buddy Heater requires continuous refilling of its one- or two-pound propane tanks, rendering it inefficient. The alternate 20-pound tank necessitates a well-maintained hose and regulator, and should be positioned outside to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.


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