What Are Some Christmas-Related Words That Begin With Each Letter of the Alphabet?

In alphabetical order, some Christmas-related words include “angel,” “bells,” “candy,” and “decorations,” as well as “elf.” During the holidays, teachers can utilise this exercise to teach children the alphabet. Some of the less frequent letters, such as “Q” and “Z,” have few holiday-related words.

The following are examples of Christmas-related terms beginning with each letter of the alphabet:

A: artificial tree
B: bow, blizzard
C for candies and carols
D: December E: eve, eggnog
F: festival, fruitcake
G: presents, gingerbread
H: holly, holiday
I: ivy
J: joy, jolly
K: Kris Kringle
L stands for light
M: cheerful, mistletoe
N: Nativity, Yuletide
O: adornment
P: poinsettia
Q: quince, charming R: reindeer, ribbon
S: holiday, Santa
T: tinsel
U: unwrapping V: guests W: winter wrapping X: Christmas Y: holiday
Z: zest


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