What Are Original Cabbage Patch Dolls Worth?

The original models of Cabbage Patch dolls, which date back to the 1970s, may be worth more than $50,000. Popularity, the year a doll was made, and the quantity of dolls that are now on the market for purchase all affect a doll’s worth.

The Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls’ History

Early in the 1970s, Cabbage Patch Kids—originally known as Little People—became a well-liked toy. The first dolls had their own unique birth certificates and were fashioned of material using a technique called needle moulding. When Coleco, a toy manufacturer, acquired the Little People brand, they changed the line’s name to Cabbage Patch Kids and changed the material from fabric to vinyl.

Since their debut, Cabbage Patch Kid toys have come in a wide variety. Following on from Hasbro, Toys R Us, and Mattel, each succeeding licencing company has provided speciality lines that perform tricks, feature unique clothes, or are related to events like the Birthday Kids line.

What Cabbage Patch Kids Are the Most Expensive?

A Donald Trump-themed doll was listed for close to $7,000 while a set of dolls depicting the US presidential contenders of 2008 was listed for more than $59,000. Original dolls and those currently produced by the toy’s creator, Xavier Roberts, can fetch anywhere between six and ten times as much as a mass-produced and licenced version.

To distinguish them from dolls manufactured under licence by toy businesses, Roberts himself created a line of dolls he calls Cabbage Patch Original Kids. The scarcity and collector appeal of Cabbage Patch dolls determine their price.

Examples include a vintage 1985 Yvonne Millie that sold on eBay for close to $1,000 and a 1979 Barry Fritz-Little People doll that went for $1,500 in used condition. The 1979 Felicia Francis-Little People Doll, 1986 CPK Doll With Original Clothing, and 1985 CPK Doll From La Princess Collection were some of the other dolls that were auctioned for roughly $700.

Where Are Cabbage Patch Dolls Available?

These dolls have resurfaced, and you can find them on Amazon or in the majority of your neighbourhood Target stores. However, the greatest sites to look if you’re seeking for vintage dolls are, to name a few, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Esty, and Collectors Weekly.

How to Verify the Realness of Your Cabbage Patch Child

Avoid being duped by fakes. When buying a doll, there are some things you might look for. Embroidered tags were on the very first Cabbage Patch dolls, which are now fairly rare. You can learn more about the doll’s manufacturing facility and nation from the side body tag. Look for the factory code, which may be 1, 2, or 3 letters long and occasionally include a number. They are IC, KT, OK, P, PMI, SS, UT, and WS for Coleco factory codes. Additionally, look for Xavier Roberts’ signature, which may be found on the underside of every genuine Cabbage Patch Doll.

How to Sell Your Cabbage Patch Dolls is Listed Here

Although Cabbage Patch dolls have a broad range in their resale value, owners or those looking to acquire one can join the manufacturer’s Collector’s Club where they can connect with those looking to buy or sell Cabbage Patch dolls.

Selling Cabbage Patch dolls on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or comparable online marketplaces is another common practise. When looking at comparable doll ads online, anyone looking to purchase Cabbage Patch dolls can get a decent indication of how much each doll is worth.

Owners who want to sell their Cabbage Patch dolls should be aware that having the doll’s original adoption papers and outfit can greatly improve the doll’s value. Only Handstitched Soft Sculptured Originals models are eligible to request new adoption documents.

Please get in touch with the manufacturer and provide them with the following information: front and rear pictures of the doll without clothes, the doll’s original name, the name of the first owner of the doll, and the doll’s registration number.


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