What Are Guardian Angel Coins?

As a protective symbol of France during the reign of King Louis XVI, Augustine Dupre introduced guardian angel coins in 1792. These coins have evolved throughout the centuries, and people who believe that guardian angels watch over them throughout the day carry them as tokens of protection.

King Louis XVI of France commissioned the first guardian angel coins in 1792 as a symbol of French protection. After Dupre allegedly used one as a bribe to avoid execution, they immediately became a symbol of good fortune for the country. In following years, believers of the Christian faith accepted these coins as a way to have a sign of their guardian angel with them at all times. They are presently marketed both as coins and as pendant and bracelet charms. They are also utilised as rosary and prayer beads’ focal points.

Pilots, particularly the German Luftwaffe, carried the coins during World Wars I and II, and the tradition remained in subsequent conflicts. There is evidence that ship captains carried the pennies in their pockets and placed them on their bridge dashboards for protection against death at sea and good luck during stormy weather.


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