What Are Examples of Subtopics in an Essay?

The subtopic of an essay is a theme that supports the essay’s main topic and enhances its credibility. An example of a subtopic for an essay on adjusting to a new school could be the difficulty of establishing new friends or knowing each teacher’s expectations.

Typically, essays with subtopics adhere to a particular format. Taking the example a step further, the first paragraph of an essay titled “My Journey Transitioning to a New High School” would require an opening statement, one to three subtopic sentences, and a conclusion sentence.

The author would then go to the second paragraph, where the first subtopic statement would be elaborated upon. There should be three to five separate example sentences in this paragraph or collection of paragraphs to support the subtopic sentence. This should be repeated at the beginning of each paragraph. The writer should then conclude with a concluding paragraph that summarises both the subtopic ideas and the main topic.

The majority of essays benefit from authors who have a strong knowledge of what they wish to convey and how they feel. Essay writers must have an opinion on the subject they are writing about. Many universities and secondary schools recommend establishing an outline before to writing the essay.


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