What Are Examples of Responsibility?

Some instances of responsibility are arriving on time to work, properly caring for children, paying rent or a mortgage, and paying taxes. A duty is an agreed-upon obligation or commitment between individuals, businesses, or organisations that must be fulfilled in order to fulfil the terms of the commitment. It is a required action.

Generally, a person must comprehend his obligation in its whole in order to fulfil it. In a household, for instance, one of the children may be assigned the job of caring after the family pet. The particular parameters for pet care should be spelled out in detail so that the youngster understands what is expected of him or her and can complete the task satisfactorily. Typically, evading responsibilities has some type of repercussions. A parent may restrict a child’s access to television or video games for a period of time if he or she neglects to care for the family pet.

For failing to fulfil certain legal obligations, the repercussions can be severe. For instance, citizens of the United States are obligated to pay a specific amount of taxes on their income to the government. If a person fails to comply, he may be subject to a fine or perhaps imprisonment.


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