What Are Examples of Pyramids Around the House?

Items with a pyramidal shape can be found inside the home and can even be a component of the home itself. Typically, the roof of a house bears a pyramidal form. When pitched, camping tents can assume the shape of a pyramid. The packaging of a Toblerone chocolate bar is shaped like a pyramid. A cheese grater and waffle cone are pyramid-shaped.

Typically, a pyramid is a polygon with a triangular basis, however the prism-like shape can also have a square base. A polygon is a two-dimensional object composed of straight lines that intersect to form an enclosed pattern. A pyramid is formed when a multitude of sides converge to a single point.

Objects resembling pyramids may be referred to mathematically as either a triangular pyramid or a square pyramid, depending on the geometry of its base. However, because a pyramid is a polygon, it can be built on a variety of bases. Therefore, pyramid figures can have bases that are rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, or octagonal.

While Pentagon bases have five sides, hexagonal and octagonal bases have six and eight sides, respectively.

Seven-sided polygons that are not pyramids are known as heptagons, whereas those with nine or ten sides are known as nonagons and decagons, respectively.


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