What Are Examples of Mental Processes?

Perception, creativity, and volition are examples of mental processes, which are also known as cognitive processes and mental functions. The operations of the mind extend beyond these three, but a grasp of perception, imagination, and volition serves as an excellent introduction to the vast array of additional cognitive talents possessed by individuals.

The capacity of the mind to turn sensory stimuli into conscious thinking or sensation is perception. It is an almost instantaneous occurrence that includes the activity of millions of neurons in the brain. To better comprehend perception, it is necessary to comprehend the nature, properties, and activity of these neurons. Not only are these actions governed by chemicals, but also by other internal and external processes.

Creativity is the capacity of the intellect to create something new, valuable, or original, be it a solution to a difficult situation or a wonderful work of art. The ability of the mind to modify experience through creative acts enables people to comprehend their world with greater depth and comprehension. Numerous psychologists concur that creativity is a vital survival mechanism.

Will, also known as volition, is the capacity of the mind to make judgments based on experience and hypothesis, whether they be internal or external. Volition is fundamental to moral and ethical philosophy, because it is tied to other mental processes such as conation, which is the link between knowledge and emotion and behaviour.


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