What Are Examples of Institutional Advertising?

Community outreach programmes and public service announcements are examples of institutional advertising. These forms of advertising initiatives are intended to generate goodwill between a business and its current or prospective clients.

For instance, a tobacco business could employ institutional advertising to create an anti-smoking advertisement that educates consumers about the dangers of its goods. Beer and liquor businesses can also educate people about the dangers of drinking and driving through ads.

Numerous businesses inform the public about their charitable contributions via indirect institutional advertising efforts. For instance, an oil firm could develop a public statement, commercial, or documentary on its ongoing efforts to ensure that its actions, products, and services do not negatively impact the local, regional, national, or global environment.

Some businesses, such as pork farms, release adverts highlighting the nutritional value of their food items. These corporations may also state their pledge to refrain from injecting their goods with antibiotics or other substances known to cause health concerns in humans.

There are also community outreach programmes for institutional advertising. Blood drives, canned food drives, AIDS awareness activities, cancer screenings, and holiday gift giving or food delivery drives for the needy are examples of this form of commercial advertising.


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