What Are Examples of Humanistic Theory?

The need for self-actualization, an emphasis on the present moment, and family dialogues regarding family connections are examples of humanistic theory. A second major example of humanistic ideology is the concept that all individuals share the same fundamental needs.

Individuals should seek self-actualization by identifying what they feel is lacking in their life and pursuing it, according to humanist thought. Humanist theory maintains that the process of searching for the missing item can be a significant element of a person’s psychological treatment, despite the fact that the missing item may be extremely different for various individuals.

A significant component of humanist theory and gestalt treatment is the emphasis on the present moment. This therapy teaches the patient not to be dejected or disheartened by past individuals or situations.

Humanist philosophy focuses on intrafamily interactions and encourages family members to discuss their relationships with one another. This strengthens ties and can be a crucial resource for families enduring emotional stress.

One of the key tenets of humanist ideology is that all people share the same fundamental wants. Humanist theory promotes empathy and a higher regard for human connection by promoting the idea in the similarity of all humanity.


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