What Are Dex Phonebook White Pages?

Dex Pages is the Internet equivalent of the classic “white pages” of a phonebook, and it enables users to search for phone numbers by name via an online search. Dex Pages also allows users to search the Yellow Pages and request a number of telephone book-related services.

The “help” page for Dex Pages provides customers with a link to acquire additional print telephone directories, if necessary. In addition, this link allows customers to completely stop receiving telephone directories and gives access to information on how to dispose outdated or unneeded telephone directories.

The same “help” website explains how consumers can advertise with Dex Media by dialling a certain phone number.

Dex Pages also enables users to search by telephone number, making it simple to locate the names and addresses of callers. Similar to traditional White Pages, this information is only accessible if persons have maintained their information current and have not requested that it be removed.

Dex Pages offers numerous means of contacting the company for technical support. Monday through Friday, users can contact a support phone number and email inquiries to the company’s support personnel.


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