What Are Cabbage Patch Kids’ Names?

Despite the fact that each Cabbage Patch Kid is inscribed with the name “Xavier Roberts,” the doll manufacturers have created a variety of individual names for both boy and girl dolls, including Abigail London, Annie Jane, Aurora Hazel, Alex Aaron, Andrew Max, and Benjamin Aiden. Each Cabbage Patch Kid doll comes with a birth name and a birth certificate; however, the names can be altered online or through the mail.

Each boy and girl Cabbage Patch Kid doll is made with a first and middle name. The names of Cabbage Patch Kid girl dolls range from Bella Nicole, Beatrice Nora, Blair Gwyneth, and Betsy Willow to Bree Pamela, Brooke Mariah, Brylee Jazlyn, and Celina Dazlyn. Boy Cabbage Patch Kid names include Brayden Levi, Cameron Justin, Carter Owen, and Christopher Travis, as well as Collin Jace, Cooper Nolan, Damon Raye, and Dawson Tommy.

Deana Kylie, Debbie Sarah, Destiny Naomi, Dillon Lane, Eden Quinn, Emerson Penelope, Ethan Jacob, Florence Tracy, Frankie Vaughn, Godfrey Marcus, and Grayson Cooper are additional names for Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. Cabbage Patch Kid dolls are available in newborn, preemie, and child sizes and are provided with an entire wardrobe. Additional apparel and accessories are available for purchase.


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