What Are a DVD Case’s Dimensions?

5.3 inches wide, 7.5 inches long, and.5 inches thick describe a typical plastic DVD casing. 7.2 inches long, 5.1 inches wide, and.4 inches thick are the dimensions of slim DVD cases. 5.8 inches long, 5 inches broad, and.6 inches thick are the dimensions of a Blu-ray case. These plastic cases can be either transparent or a single solid colour.

The Origins of DVD Cases

Storage solutions became necessary with the advent of DVDs as optical medium. Amaray, a producer of plastic goods, accepted the challenge and created the first DVD case in 1995. The company kept improving their product by adding clips that could hold booklets, movie credits, song lyrics, and other literature pertinent to the disc’s content.

What a DVD Case Looks Like

All DVD cases serve the same purpose of storing and protecting the DVD, despite occasional manufacturer variances. A spot to store literature and a disc hub to keep the DVD firmly in place are design components. To carry all the discs they must hold, cases made for DVD sets feature many hubs. On the outside of the cover, a label can be printed and tucked behind a plastic sleeve, or it can be put right on the case.

Comparing CD and DVD cases

Physically speaking, DVDs and CDs are the same size, thus it seems sense that they may fit in the same casings. But there is a significant difference between their designs. In essence, a DVD is two discs joined together. When taking the DVD out of the case, it becomes more brittle because of this. A DVD case’s locking hub is made to make it simpler to remove the disc without harming it. The likelihood of the disc being harmed during regular use increases when using a jewel case designed for a CD.

DVD Storage Alternatives

There are various methods available for storing and showing a large DVD collection. As with books at a library, one option is to arrange them on a shelf with the spines facing out. This makes them simple to browse, particularly if they are categorised alphabetically or by genre. They also easily fit inside drawers with the spines facing up for quick reading.

People who don’t have entire walls to dedicate to their DVD collection must find alternative options. They might have to take them out of their original casings and put them on a DVD. File boxes and disc storage enclosures are further choices.

Taking Care of DVDs

DVDs can live for years if handled with care. In addition to keeping the discs in DVD-specific cases, it’s crucial to handle, clean, and store them in a way that doesn’t compromise the data they contain. Users should hold the discs by the edge or centre when cleaning them, and they should use a lint-free cloth or compressed air to remove any dust. Keep DVDs away from harsh light and heat.


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