What Animal Eats Trees?

Trees are consumed in whole or in part by termites and other wood-eating insects, beavers, giraffes, elephants, rabbits, rats, and porcupines. Each year, wood-eating insects are capable of devouring tens of thousands of trees and pieces of timber, making them among of the most dangerous and destructive wood eaters.

Termites are among the most voracious wood-consuming organisms in the world. Additionally, wood borers and bark beetles feed on wood detritus.

Animals that consume tree bark and wood have specialised digestive systems and rely on trees for sustenance. In particular, beavers rely on woody flora for sustenance, but in winter, when food is short, they consume bark. Giraffes, elephants, rabbits, rats, and porcupines consume the outer and inner bark, leaves, and branches of woody plants, but not the entire tree.


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