Housekeeping 101: 6 Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Pristine

It may sound trivial or comical, but bathrooms are one of the must-have rooms in an orderly home. Whether you want to shower in the morning or have a hot bath after a long day of work or school, this area is where you can clean yourself.

And weirdly enough, some people think that bathrooms are one of the best places where you can think, reflect, and contemplate. It makes bathing areas a venue for cleaning yourself and thinking about life or things in general.

Bathrooms also need cleaning, whether as a place to take a bath or reflect on life. Like any other room in your household, this area needs regular maintenance. After all, it is a waste if you have a clean Japanese soaking tub in a messy bathing area. So to help you out, here are six ways to keep your bathroom clean.

1. Avoid Leaving Your Bathing Items Wet or Moist

Let us start the list with an easy and efficient way to keep your bathroom clean not only in the eyes but also microscopically. Moisture attracts bacteria, so commercials, especially dishwashing advertisements, mention that your sponge gathers bacteria if you leave it wet.

So to avoid having bacteria in your bathroom, always make sure that you dry bathroom items after using them. 

After a shower, spread the curtains wide so they will dry properly. Meanwhile, drape your rugs and towels so they will not be moist for a long time. And speaking of towels, always segregate the wet from the dry ones.

2. Try Leaving Your Windows Open for Better Ventilation

Without a massive space in your home, bathrooms tend to be smaller or less spacious than most household rooms. And aside from having less space, it will not be a surprise if your bathing area has only a few or even one window. If you do lack windows or ventilation, do not close them. Instead, leave your bathroom window open to promote better airflow.

If you do not ventilate a room properly, it tends to accumulate smells over time. And to avoid having a smelly bathing area, always leave your windows open so the smells can leave the room. You can also have better natural lighting if you do so.

3. Get Rid of Any Empty Products or Items You Do Not Need

This method may be a no-brainer to some people, but forgetful folks or people in a hurry tend to overlook this. In bathrooms, it is natural if we would need a new bar of soap or a bottle of shampoo.

But as we get a new one, some may forget to dispose of the empty shampoo bottle or soap box. It may not be much, but getting rid of any bathroom items you do not need help keeping your bathing area in pristine condition.

And it is not just applicable to bars of soap and shampoo bottles. Is your shaving razor getting dull or rusty? Throw it away after you start using a new one. Do not forget to throw empty bottles of lotion and facial moisturizer either.

4. Remove Grout From the Walls or Floors

Smells and bacteria are not the only problems you encounter in cleaning your bathing area. Take a look at the tiles of your bathroom floor and walls. Do you notice those tiny gaps or crevices between the tiles? They tend to accumulate mold and mildew if they gather drops of water. But no worries, there are easy ways of removing grout.

A mixture of bleach and water is an easy homemade grout remover. After mixing the two, scrub the combination between tiles to remove the grout and bacteria hiding beneath the surface.

Do not forget to remove the bleach with warm water and a pH-neutral cleaner after cleaning. Forgetting to remove it can lead to burning your skin or eyes in your next shower.

5. Stains and Rings Are No-nos in Clean Bathrooms

Aside from grout, oil stains and rings are common problems in bathrooms. After all, they can ruin the clean image of your bathing area. And who wants to take a warm soak in a stain-filled tub? But no worries, as you can easily remove these stains.

These stains most likely appear if you use oils or salts in your bathtub. To remove them, rinse the tub with clean and warm water after your bath. But if the stains are already there for a long time, use abrasive cleaners to scrub the tub and remove them.

6. Homemade Cleaners Are Trusty Allies for Dirty Bathrooms

And lastly, bathroom maintenance can be a bit too pricey for some people. After all, you may need bleach, abrasive cleaners, or other chemicals that can be too taxing for your budget. So, consider using homemade cleaners to have a clean bathroom with a budget-friendly method.

A mixture of vinegar and baking soda is a trusty tool to keep your bathing area pristine on a tight budget. Use this combination to clean pipes, shower heads, and faucets. And with this combination, not only do you make it light on your wallet, but you also have fewer harmful chemicals to worry about.

In a Nutshell,

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and this line is just as applicable to your bathroom as any other room. These six methods are some of the many ways you can use to keep your bathing area in pristine condition. For more bathroom tips and tricks, visit


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