In What Way Do PACKRAT Scores Convert to Pance?

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A combination of PACKRAT scores and EOR scores are the most reliable in terms of whether you will pass the PANCE. We will also observe the duration it takes for the PANCE results to release and how to prepare for the PANCE examination.

An understanding into the pattern of the PANCE paper is also discussed so that one can crack it with ease. Want to know what are your chances of cracking the PANCE examination. Read along to know more.

The recent times call for the students to figure out where they stand amongst their batch of students.

For this, there are various tests that are being designed to enable the students to practice and evaluate their performances.

These tests help students to focus on their weaker subjects and topics and keep practicing on this until they are confident with it.

Two of such exams are – The Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE), and The Physician Assistant Clinical Knowledge Rating and Assessment Tool (PACKRAT).

The purpose of designing the PACKRAT was to replicate the style and importance of PANCE.

Nowadays, with a PANCE score, there are no specified minimum score requirements in order to pass the test.

Generally, out of 800, scoring marks worth 350 to 392 are considered to be ideal passing marks. The PACKRAT exam has 225 questions in it, with each question worth 1 mark.

After the test is completed, the students are given their PACKRAT scores from out of 225. Then this score is compared to other students in the class, and the rank is determined.

However, can you easily convert your PACKRAT Scores to PANCE  scores? Continue reading this article to find out how.

The basic rule being followed for drawing parallels between PACKRAT and PANCE is that if a candidate is able to score more than 150 marks in their PACKRAT exam, then their chances of successfully passing the PANCE exam increase significantly.

The formula being applied here is that;

PANCE = [PACKRAT x 5.74] – 287.47

It is usually considered that a PACKRAT score of 120 is equal to 401.33, as predicted.

With the PANCE exam, there are various versions of the exam available and the passing score generally lies between two standard deviations below the mean, and above

It is estimated that then the PANCE score of that person would be somewhere around 480 to 500 minimum marks.

Additionally, along with PACKRAT scores, if EOR scores are also compared, then, predicting the PANCE scores becomes quite easy.

And more accurate. If a candidate scores good marks in PACKRAT as well as EOR exams, then the chances of passing the PANCE exam increase.

The scale for comparing the marks of the PANCE exam has a minimum score of 200 marks and a maximum score of 800 marks.

The passing score thus lies somewhere around 350 marks.

If we were to talk about the percentage required for passing the PANCE exam, this example may help you out:

Consider that 10,000 people have taken the PANCE exam in the previous year, and the pass rate then was 95%. It means that 500 candidates failed the exam.

If the pass rate is reduced to 88%, then 1200 candidates would be considered to have failed.

FAQs Related to: Way Do PACKRAT Scores Convert to Pance

What Does the PACKRAT Score Mean?

The PACKRAT score is usually necessary because it marks the important times of transition for the students.

The PACKRAT scores are given out of 225 and the results show the number of correct answers given by the candidate.

Also, the result includes the percentage of questions that the candidate answered correctly, as compared with new PACKRAT exam takers, who are taking the exam for the first time.

What Is Included in the PANCE Exam?

The PANCE exam is an online-based examination. It gives good importance to the time factor.

It is composed of 300 MCQs, which are focused on medical and surgical related knowledge and experience of the candidate which is highly essential if the candidate wants to become a certified physician assistant.

The examination has five sections with 60 questions each, and for each question, the candidates have one minute, and thus that sums up to 60 minutes per section.

Is the PANCE Exam Difficult to Clear?

If one studies normally it is easy to pass the PANCE with flying colours, you must not start studying just before the exam day.

That would never help. The pass rate for first time test takers is 90% nationally – so you may have a good chance at it.

What does the packrat score mean?

The packrat score marks important transition times for PA students, most commonly the end of the didactic phase and the end of the clinical phase of training.

PACKRAT scores reflect the number correct out of 225 and the percent of questions answered correctly compared to first-time PACKRAT takers.

When Will I Get the PACKRAT Results?

In 2-3 weeks.

How Much Should I Study for PANCE?

You should study around thrice or five times a week for an hour or more, during every session. You should begin at least 36 weeks before your exam.

How Long Do Pance Results Take?

According to the NCCPA, it can take up to 2 weeks to get the test result scores of PANCE. But most results are within 4 or lesser number of days.

What is the number of questions I need to answer to clear PANCE?

The PANCE exam is a 5-hour exam that includes 300 multiple-choice questions administered in five sections of 60 questions with 60 minutes to complete each section.

How Accurate Is the Rosh Review?

The Rosh interview is as close as 98% accurate when determining the pass predictability of the user.

When Can I Sit for PANCE After Graduation?

The exam is scheduled 180 days prior, once your application is accepted. seven days post-graduation is the earliest test date that will be available.

In What Way Can I Clear PANCE?

Understand the format of the exam before you actually take the exam. Hence do not start studying just before the exam – not a good idea.

Search for your testing center early so you know where it’s situated and are not late on the day of the exam.

What Is the Maximum Number of Times I Can Appear for PANCE?

One may take the PANCE exam up to six times during a six-year period starting from when you are admitted. Hence, you can sit for the exam thrice every year.

What Are the Pass Marks on PANRE?


How Can I Prepare for Pance?

  • It can be broken down into a couple of steps –
  • Go to NCCPA and download the ECB.
  • Detect the areas you are weak in.
  • Collect helpful resources.
  • Sit for the Pance or the PANRE review course.
  • Practice consistently.

What Is the Pance Exam?

The PANCE is a computer-based exam, which is time-bound, consisting of 300 multiple-choice questions.

It tests the medical and surgical knowledge required to become a certified physician assistant.

The PANCE exam is administered in 5 sections of 60 questions each, with 60 minutes provided for the completion of each section.

How Many Questions Are on the Panre?


What Exam Do Physician Assistants Take?

Some Certification examinations are taken by physician assistants (PAs) in the United States are-The Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam also knows as PANCE and Physician Assistant National Recertifying Exam (PANRE).

The exams are administered by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants.

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