– In this article, we’ll show you how to download and activate the MHz Choice app on these gadgets by using the link Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Android, iOS, and even Apple TV are all supported.

Popular dramas, comedies, mysteries, and other programming formats can be found here from all over the world. MHz Networks operates the VOD service MHz Choice. A new technology called MHz Choice was released on October 20th, 2015. How to Do It:

  • To activate MHz Choice, visit the activation page.
  • You can sign in as soon as the page loads.
  • The sign-up page for the website has the text “Sign up to activate” on it.
  • The next step is to enter the email address that is associated with your account. Please press the Next button below to proceed.
  • The activation page to set up your device will load after you log in.

Here are the instructions for activating the MHz option.

  • It takes two steps to activate an MHz signal.
  • Input the activation code for MHz Choice.
  • For new subscribers to the MHz Network, we’ve created the web portal
  • You must activate your subscription before you can access the content.
  • Before you can use the gadget to view television or movies, you’ll need to turn it on.
  • All major streaming platforms are supported, so you can control your channel from your Roku, Fire TV, or Android TV.
  • Once it’s been switched on.

You may activate your device on the MHz Choice website.

  • MHz Choice Login:
  • To log in to MHz Choice, please visit
  • Partway through the middle, you’ll notice a sign.

Sign In Page for the MHZ Website:

  • You’ll need to log in using the email address associated with your account.
  • Choose the Next button down below.
  • Once you input your password on the new page that loads, you will be logged in.

Brief Description of the MHz Option:

MHz Choice is a leader in the field of international television (an American public broadcaster channel). Originally launched in 1996, the broadcaster is still going strong. Any viewer with an Amazon TV, Roku, or Android device can watch uninterrupted programming on the channel.

The public broadcaster’s international TV programming service provider prioritises providing its subscribers with the best possible content. MHz Choice has a massive subscriber base across North America. If you want to turn on MHz Choice, you’ve found the right place to do it.

Start using MHz Option on your Roku Streaming Player.

If you want to watch Mhz on your Roku, go to watch mhz choice com activate. With these steps, you can enable MHz selection on your Roku streaming device.

  • To access the main menu, hit the “home” button on your Roku controller.
  • To purchase, select the channels you wish to stream and then click on the store button.
  • Find the MHzChoice app by searching for it in the Roku channel store.
  • Launch the app and a TV screen will provide you with an activation code.
  • Input the credentials for the account you want to use.
  • Simply access from any other device with a web browser.
  • Fill out the form on the following page using the email address you used during registration.
  • Please enter your activation code in the space provided.
  • As soon as you finish the activation process, your screen will automatically refresh.

How do I turn on MHz Selection for Apple TV?

  • To access the App Store on your Apple TV, simply turn it on.
  • To get MHzChoice, just look for it in the app store.
  • Launch the app from your smart TV, collect the activation code displayed there, then log in with the account details you provided.
  • You can activate your subscription by visiting from any web browser on your computer or mobile device.
  • The submission of a valid email address is required in order to receive an activation box.
  • Put the activation code It gave you into the appropriate box.
  • Automatic screen refreshment is a feature of modern televisions.

The Android TV set-top box can use MHz Choice if you enable it.

  • If you’re unfamiliar with activating Android TV, download the MHz app (mhzchoice) and run it.
  • Then, launch the programme and watch for the preview screen to load.
  • The time has come to input the activation code (remember to use watch mhz choice com activate code).
  • Next, access the activation pages by visiting on your mobile device or computer.
  • Next, enter your email address and the activation codes you were given.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the activation procedure.

My Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick need MHz Choice activated.

Learn how to enable mhz selection on your Firestick or FireTV by following the steps outlined below.

  • Follow this link to the Amazon app store for your Fire TV.
  • Start a search for “MHz Choice,” then select “Download/Install.”
  • The MHz app needs to be installed, so please be patient while it does so. Once it’s done, you can access it directly from your home screen.
  • You can get an activation code by logging in with your account information.
  • In order to activate your service from any other device, please visit
  • Click the Next button to proceed to the next step, where you’ll be prompted to enter your email address for account verification.
  • Following the on-screen prompts will complete the activation process. Then, use the activation code that was given to you to complete the form.
  • In the event that the activation procedure takes a while, rest assured that your screen will automatically refresh once it is done.
  • You can now use your incredible gadget to stream at MHz.

Switch on my Xbox One’s MHz Select feature.

  • Select the Store icon from the main menu.
  • Do an internet search for “MHz Choice,” and then download and install the app.
  • Please wait until the app has finished installing before opening it.
  • You can enter your login information to access your account.
  • A code to activate the system will appear on your TV screen.
  • In order to activate your service from any other device, please visit
  • Just enter your email address and move on by clicking the button.
  • Please enter the given activation code in the box below.

Activating MHz Selection on my Samsung Smart TV.

  • Use the home/smart hub button on your TV remote to control your home theatre system.
  • In order to do a search, please use the symbol in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Pick MHz Choice and get the app.
  • Activation codes are only available to users who have logged in with the credentials provided by MHz Choice.
  • can be accessed from any web browser.
  • You must enter a valid email address in the designated field.
  • Next, click the button.
  • Please enter the activation code provided by It below.

To use MHz Selection with Xfinity X1, press the “Menu” button.

  • All of MHz Choice is available to Xfinity X1 subscribers who subscribe to the service and either say “MHz Choice” into their voice remote or navigate to the networks section of Xfinity on Demand.
  • X1 customers who want MHz Choice can pay an extra $7.99 monthly.
  • These products are intended solely for American consumers.

How to Access MHz Choice on Cox Contour

  • By saying “MHz Choice” into their Contour voice remotes or searching for it under Apps, Networks, or Store in the On Demand section, subscribers of MHz Choice on Cox Contour and Contour Stream Player have access to the entire MHz Choice collection.
  • An MHz Choice subscription can be added to a Cox package for $7.99 per month.
  • This offer is valid only in the US.

Can I send content from my phone to my TV’s screen?

  • No doubt about it! The MHz Choice iOS application allows you to send content from your iPhone or iPad to an Apple TV that supports AirPlay.
  • Using the MHz Choice Android app, you can send content from your phone or tablet to a Chromecast device.

International Mysteries on the MHz Timetable

Among the best mystery collections in the world is found on the MHz Channel. Video-on-demand access is available for all programming in the International Mysteries subgenre.

Program NameSeries
Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games4 Seasons
Agatha christie’s Family Murder Party1 Season
Allmen1 Season
Anotomy of Evil2 Season
Aresene Lupin2 Season
Aresene Lupin: 8131 Season
The Art of crime5 Season
Banking District2 Season
The Bastards of Pizzofalcone2 Season
Beck7 Season
Bulletproof Heart3 Season
Camilla Lackberg1 Season
Camilla Lackberg’s Fjallbacka Murders1 Season
Captain Marleau3 Season
Cherif1 Season
Detectives2 Season
Detective Ellen Lucas2 Season
Detective Montalbano1 Season
Don Matteo8 Seasons
Donna Detective1 Season
Donna Leon’s Brunetti Mysteries1 Season
Flemming3 seasons
Fog and Crimes3 seasons

Guidelines for Addressing Login and Activation Issues:

  • Please click the following link to be taken directly to the Mhz Choice Portal login page:
  • After clicking the link, you can return to the guide and follow the troubleshooting steps there if necessary.
  • To proceed, please enter your username and password.
  • You must have received these from MHz Choice Portal, either during the registration process or from an administrator.
  • A “successfully logged in” notification should appear now.
  • Your login to was successful.

If you are having trouble getting through to the MHz Choice Portal,

If you’re having problems, check out this handy guide.

  • If you are experiencing login issues, clearing your browser’s cache and cookies may be all that is required.
  • See “How do I clear cache and cookies in? ” in your browser’s help files or online.
  • If you need help, just type ” there.

If you are unable to access your account because you have forgotten either your email address or password, we can help.

Regaining entry requires performing the following steps:-

  • To begin, click on any of the aforementioned login links.
  • If you haven’t already, go ahead and click Have you forgotten your password?
  • After entering the email address you used to sign up for the account and clicking Next, you will be able to access your account.
  • It’s recommended that you make the subsequent choice.
  • To change your password, an email will be sent to the address associated with your account if it is valid.
  • To reset your password, please check your inbox.
  • Remember to use the new password when logging in from now on.

Please contact us if you have forgotten your username.

Specifically, do the following:

  • If you’ve forgotten your username, click the “Forgot Username?” If you have forgotten your username, you can retrieve it via a link on the login page.
  • If you select the Recover Username option, the login’s contact email address will be used to send you your username.
  • Your login details will be emailed to you.
  • Please re-enter your username in the login box and try again.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Explain what MHz Choice is.

With MHz Choice, you can watch new and exclusive international mysteries, dramas, and comedies via streaming services, or you can access a video library of these shows whenever you like. The MHz Choice channel can only be viewed online. Thus, a cable or satellite TV subscription is not required to watch it.

Can I watch MHz on Roku?

Using the MHz Choice Roku channel, you can quickly and easily stream content directly to your TV.

Go to the MHz Choice Roku channel on your Roku and then select SIGN IN.

To activate, it simply generates a code.

After that, use a different device (computer, phone) to visit the Activate page and sign in (if you are not).

What happens to MHz if it goes off the air?

As of March 1st, 2020, MHz Worldview will no longer be operational.

The 26 public broadcasting stations in the US that currently air MHz Worldview will stop doing so as of March 1, 2020.

Please be aware that our streaming service, MHz Choice, is unaffected by the shutdown of MHz Worldview.

If you have FIOS, what channel is MHz on?

Verizon Fios in the DC area carries MHz Worldview (ch 451).

Could you please tell me how to terminate my membership to Amazon MHz?

To cancel your subscription, go to the ‘Settings’ menu by clicking the cog icon in the upper right corner of the screen, then click ‘Purchases.’

Select cancel instead of one of the ‘Pause’ options if you do not wish to be charged again.

How do you get the MHz channel on DirecTV?

TV channel 2183 on DirecTV.

Where did the money come from to buy Wycc?

Global Communications Provider Serving as a “Window to the World”

Exactly how beneficial do you find Mhzchoice to be?

High-quality streaming is available. There are no cuss words in the excellent captions. It’s incredible what you can get from MHz for such a small monthly fee and as a respite from U.S. television.

In what way can I select my MHz frequency?

If you want to add Mhz Choice to your streaming device or mobile device, simply search for it in the relevant app store. You can also access the network channel through the link provided on this page.

Would it be possible to stream Mhz on Amazon Prime?

In response to your question, MHz is available on primetime. In addition to an Amazon Prime membership, the $7.99 monthly cost of the MHz choice add-on is required.


  • For assistance with enabling MHz Choice on your mobile device, please refer to the guidelines and detailed instructions provided below.
  • After the activation process is complete, you’ll have access to a wide variety of programming, including comedies and unusual shows.
  • The MHz Choice app can be obtained from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • To access MHz Choice on Amazon, you must first be a member of Amazon Prime.
  • Despite the fact that the content of MHz Choice on Amazon is identical to that of, the two subscriptions are not interchangeable.
  • Your Amazon account credentials will not work on, and vice versa.
  • MHz Choice is available exclusively to Amazon Prime members in the United States.


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