The Typical Temperature of Cold Tap Water is What?

Drinking water’s typical temperature varies depending on where you live; in Milwaukee, it’s 49.6 degrees Fahrenheit on average. The area where the water temperature is being monitored, the time of year, and many environmental conditions, such as the presence of manufacturing facilities and natural water bodies, can all affect the average temperature of drinking water.

There might be a 6 to 10 degree difference in the temperature of tap water between northern and southern states. In northern locations like Vermont or Michigan, the water’s average temperature is 45.1 degrees Fahrenheit. In southern states like Florida and Alabama, the average temperature of cold drinking water is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The biggest influence on the temperature of cold tap water is the ambient temperature. It might fluctuate depending on the ambient temperature because it is just filtered through a plumbing system and not heated before being used, like hot water is.

The temperature of the cold tap water will typically change if the sink’s real faucet has been exposed to heat or sunlight, but it will eventually return to a more comfortable temperature. Since they are more heat-sensitive, many older taps will have warmer cold tap water.


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