The Symbolism of White Doves

Since ancient times, white doves have been profoundly positive symbols. Different civilizations have various interpretations of what a white dove symbolises. Peace, purity, and love are common connotations. Seeing doves at events such as weddings and funerals is a sign of good fortune.

Doves are enduring artistic symbols. They have been employed as divine symbols in a variety of civilizations and religions. We have collected a list of common interpretations to assist you in determining what it could indicate if you see a white dove.

What Do Doves Represent?

Doves indicate several attributes. In Ancient Greece, they are closely associated with gods and goddesses. They signify longevity and harmony in China. Doves are Christian symbols of love, faith, purity, and peace. Curious about some of the most significant meanings of white doves?

fertility and affection

Doves provide their young with milk that is rich in protein, fat, and growth hormone. The Continuum Encyclopedia of Animal Symbolism in Art theorises that this may be the reason why doves became a symbol of the regenerative and reproductive qualities of the Great Goddess. In Mesopotamia, doves signified Ishtar, the fertility and love goddess. In Greek art, Aphrodite is depicted with a dove. It represents spiritual love.

Fast, Reliable Messengers

It is possible that doves were among the first domesticated birds. They can be trained to travel up to 1,000 kilometres and return home. This is why they are emblems of dependable, swift messengers in numerous cultures. Doves function as messengers in Homeric Greece, Hinduism, and India.


White doves are commonly seen as symbols of peace. The Old Testament of the Bible describes the ark of Noah. Three times, Noah despatched a dove to inspect the flood waters. The second time the dove returned with an olive branch, Noah realised that God’s wrathful floods had ended. The dove did not return the previous time. Noah realised it was safe to exit the ark. The image of a dove carrying an olive branch is still widely recognised as a symbol of peace.

The Holy Ghost

In Christianity, the white dove has traditionally been connected with the Holy Spirit. Christians have faith in the Trinity. This consists of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The probable origin of the dove emblem is the New Testament of the Bible. In Matthew 3:16, the Bible represents the descent of the Holy Spirit as a dove. It was similarly described in the gospels of Mark, Luke, and John.

Numerous civilizations and faiths associate the colour white with purity. In Christianity, the white dove symbolises the Holy Spirit’s holiness.

What Does It Mean to Dream of a White Dove?

The white dove is a symbol of positivity in many cultures around the world. Having a dream involving white doves may have multiple interpretations. You could interpret it as a sign that your life is or will soon be serene.

Doves in flight promote harmony and equilibrium. They may also signify reaching your goals or an upcoming period of extreme happiness. If a dove lands on your arm in a dream, you may be wearing your heart on your sleeve. Alternatively, you may require more tranquil periods through prayer or meditation.


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