The Olympic Diving Board: How High Is It?

Olympic diving boards come in two heights: 3 metres and 10 metres. The 10-meter diving board is a platform, while the 3-meter diving board functions as a springboard. The springboard has a non-slip surface, is at least 4.8 metres long and a half metre wide, and is adjustable for more or less spring.

Men’s synchronised diving, women’s synchronised diving, men’s springboard diving, and women’s springboard diving are the four Olympic events that take place on the 3-meter springboard as of the 2012 Games.

Men’s synchronised diving, women’s synchronised diving, men’s platform diving, and women’s platform diving are among the competitions on the 10-meter springboard. Olympic diving techniques are available on both diving boards, including the front dive, rear dive, reverse dive, inward dive, twist, and arm stand.

Women initially competed in diving events at the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games, whereas springboard and platform events have been around since the 1908 Olympic Games in London.


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