The Metro PCS Training University: What Is It?

For managers and staff members of Metro PCS Wireless, there is an online training system called Metro PCS Training University. The training portal is intended to acquaint staff with the rate plans and promotions offered by the mobile provider as well as to provide them with sales and customer service training.

Employers who use Metro PCS Training University, often known as MetroU, benefit from flexible training schedules because MetroU is an online institution. Instead of waiting for the regional training timetable, employees can also obtain training right away.

Participants that participate in MetroU take online courses to deepen their understanding of the business and its offerings. To finish the programme, the employee must complete particular courses and satisfy particular Metro Team standards, depending on the store where he works. Users must have a dealer door code supplied by their shop manager in order to use MetroU, and each employee needs to have a separate account.

Since October 2012, Metro PCS, a provider of pre-paid cellphone service, has collaborated with T-Mobile. Roger D. Linquist and Malcolm Lorang established the business in 1994 under the name General Wireless, Inc.

As of October 2015, the East Coast and Midwest of the United States have greater Metro PCS coverage, according to the coverage map on the Metro PCS website. Before buying a Metro PCS cellphone, the website advises users to confirm their coverage.


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