What Is It?

According to the website, the domain name connected with an email from a curious party is It is a part of a larger website.

A member consents to anonymity while creating an account with strips his personal information from the user’s profile if he decides to send the person an email after becoming interested in them while browsing profiles.

When the intended recipient receives the email, it will say that it was sent by, where username is the name that the user used to register.

Due to the fact that is not an independent website, when a user tries to access it, his browser sends him to a page that informs him that the website is unavailable as of 2015. uses it just for conversations through its service, despite the fact that it has a site name and domain name, which could be confusing.

To protect its users, has adopted a number of security measures. One of these safety steps is to protect users’ email addresses and other contact information on After exchanging emails using fake addresses and deciding to reveal contact information, two clients may do so and carry on their correspondence.


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