Standard Notation: What Is It?

When a number is written completely in numerical digits, it is called standard notation. 64,100 and 2,000,000 are two examples of numbers written in standard notation.

In everyday math, standard notation is widely employed. When working with huge numbers, though, writing out every single digit can get tedious. To make writing numbers easier for scientists and mathematicians, scientists and mathematicians frequently employ scientific notation.

If a number is written in standard notation, it is simple to convert to scientific notation. He must first write the number’s digits, with a decimal placed after the first. The number 10 written to a given power must be accompanied by a multiplication symbol (x). Writing 10 to the correct power reveals how many places the decimal point should be moved. The power of ten is written as 10x power. 7 x 102 is an example of a scientific notation number.

It’s simple to translate a number in scientific notation back to conventional notation. To ensure that the number has the correct decimal point, the digits must be typed first, followed by the appropriate number of corresponding zeros. 7 x 102, for example, can be expressed as 700. The number seven is written first. The number is written to the second power, which means the decimal point must be moved twice in the normal notation style.

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