Sprewell Spinners were created by who?

According to Tru Spinners, J.D. Gragg created Sprewell spinners in the 1980s. The gadgets, according to Tire Review, were created by David Fowlkes Jr. as part of a college project.

Wheel hubcaps on vehicles called Sprewell spinners spin even after the car has stopped. According to Tru-Spinners, Gragg patented the spinners in 1992 and sold them under the brand name American Tru-Spinners. Fowlkes’ spinners were developed in 1990. According to Tire Reviews, Davin Wheels handled the marketing for them.

Following an episode of MTV Cribs, the spinners earned the moniker Sprewell spinners. Latrell Sprewell, a former NBA player, was featured in the episode, which debuted in 2001. It displayed his car with wheels that spun. All spinners became referred to as Sprewell spinners even though they were produced by Davin Wheels.


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