| How to Activate? In this tutorial, we’ll cover everything you need to know to enter the activation code for the SonyLIV channel on your smart TV. You can unlock unlimited content on with a four-digit code by clicking the “Enter Code” button.

  • Discover the steps to accessing
  • Please scroll down to learn how to install SonyLIV on your Smart TV or Android tablet.
  • Sony LIV Premium is an excellent platform for streaming Hollywood and English films, live TV and sports, and internet originals in high definition.
  • The page is the most effective means of activating the Sony LIVE Channel on Desktop and Mobile.

How Do I Create a Sony LIV Account?

  • The Sony LIV app may be downloaded through the Google Play Store.
  • Please launch the app and log in.
  • To contact us, please include your mobile phone number or email address.
  • Select Next to proceed.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to key in the OTP sent to your phone.
  • Click the “Sing” option.
  • Congratulations, your Sony LIV Associate account has been established successfully.

Please tell me how to subscribe to SonyLIV.

  • Launch
  • Confirm your mobile phone number.
  • Select the subscription package that suits your needs best and sign up for it each month.
  • You can use whichever payment method you like.
  • That’s it! Your subscription is now complete.

When I go to, where do I insert the activation code?

Simply go to and enter the activation code provided above.

  • Do something useful with your smart TV by hooking it up to the web. (Always have your smart TV connected to the web.)
  • On your smart TV, look for the Sony LIV app.
  • If your Smart TV doesn’t come preloaded with the SonyLIV app, you can find it in an app store.
  • Go to the store where the apps are kept and type in what you’re looking for.
  • To access Sony Liv, enter that name into the search bar and hit enter.
  • Choose the Sony application. From the list of results, pick the Sony app.
  • Once you’re ready to begin installation, click the Install button.
  • Open SonyLIV from the main menu.
  • Then, log in using the link provided.
  • Your screen will display an activation code.
  • From another device, such as a mobile phone or computer, visit
  • Provide your contact information (email and/or phone number).
  • Input your associated account’s information or number here.
  • Click the activated device after entering the activation code.
  • To update the picture on your smart TV, just go there.
  • If you have a smart TV, you may now launch the SonyLIV app for streaming movies and TV shows.

If you have a Sony Smart TV, how do I set up SonyLIV?

Just follow these steps to activate SonyLIV on your Smart TV:

  • Go to your Smart TV’s App Store.
  • The Search button can be accessed by clicking it.
  • Search for the SonyLIV. App on app stores.
  • Pick the app that best suits you.
  • You may install it by clicking the Install button.
  • Launch the SonyLIV mobile app.
  • Click the Sign In button.
  • In a moment, the activation code for your TV will show on the screen.
  • Enter the activation code to begin.
  • Simply go to to activate your device.
  • Then, provide your account’s associated Email address and phone number.
  • To proceed, please click the “Continue” button.
  • Done

What should I do at to activate SonyLIV on my Apple TV?

  • Make certain your device is linked to a functional internet connection.
  • Open the App Store from the main menu.
  • Then, on the navigation bar at the top, select the Search symbol and click it.
  • To select “Sony LIV,” use the on-screen keyboard.
  • When the next page loads, select Install.
  • When the software has finished installing, you may start using it.
  • Access your account by clicking the login button and entering your user name and password.
  • An active code will be shown on your TV screen after you sign the contract.
  • In order to activate your Sony device, please go to from any computer or mobile device.
  • Next, please provide your registered email address or phone number.
  • After entering the activation code, click the “Activate Device” button.
  • When you trigger a refresh, the screen will update itself immediately. To conclude: to finish.

What steps do I need to take? Put my Cardinal account info into my mobile TV app? for LG TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and Other Devices:

  • Obtain the most recent version of the programme from the store and install it. To the most recent version of the app.
  • Launch the Sony LIV app on your mobile device and log in (with your email ID or phone number)
  • To access additional features, go to the app’s main menu and tap “More.”
  • You can now activate TV by selecting that option.
  • To continue, please enter the code displayed on your TV’s screen and then click “Submit.”
  • Put popcorn on the table! You have access to over 30.000 hours of programming that is worthy of being seen on a television set.

Use to set up Sony Liv on your Chromecast:

  • Link your mobile device, TV, and persistent neighbourhood network.
  • You can customise your mobile app by choosing which features to include.
  • You’ll find a Chromecast icon within the video player.
  • Choose the tool you’d like to use to sew
  • Use your computer’s or mobile device’s browser to go to

In what ways can I access Sony Liv on my Samsung Smart TV (

Make sure your phone or other mobile device can connect to the internet.

You can return to the home screen by pressing the “Home” button on your Samsung TV’s remote.

Look in your TV’s app drawer for the Sony Liv icon (this icon should already be there on most Samsung TVs). So, there’s no need to set it up.

One thing to keep in mind if you don’t already have the Sony Live App installed is that you probably should.

  • In the menu that appears, select the Apps option from the menu on the left.
  • Use the virtual keyboard on your device to navigate to the Sony Liv app inside the Applications menu.
  • There will be a pop-up with some recommendations. Select an official Sony Liv app.
  • Click the Install button once you’ve been taken to the Sony Liv app page.
  • It only takes a few minutes to finish the installation.

If you already have the Sony Liv app installed on your device, proceed as follows.

  • Follow this procedure by launching the app from the app drawer after you’re done.
  • To acquire your activation number, go to the sign-in page and enter your Sony Liv account details when prompted. You can then enter the code on a different device.
  • Open the browser on your PC or mobile device and go to
  • Please input the Activation code that appears in the box below.
  • Then, click the “Activate Device” option at
  • It takes a few minutes to finish activation.
  • Your favourite shows have updated automatically, and you may watch them now.
  • Finish.

Using Your Mobile Phone Number to Sign Up

  • Type in your cell phone number here.
  • An OTP-equipped associate is dispatched with this variant.
  • The next step is to input your email address and hit the submit button.
  • You’ve joined LIV right now, after all! View over 40000 hours of questionable material.
  • Use your email address to sign up.
  • Key in your email address and the password you chose when you signed up.
  • Then you have successfully completed the task! You are successfully logged in at this time.
  • Over 40.000 hours of humorous stuff is available for your streaming pleasure.

Accessing Your Social Network Account

  • The process is simple and involves only a single mouse click.
  • To activate your Facebook and Google accounts, simply click the corresponding links.
  • Congratulations! There is content here for more than 40,000 hours.
  • Start binge eating right now.

In order to sign in from your TVs:

Relish your favourite shows in a cinematic experience. As opposed to using a little TV remote to type, this is much more convenient. Methods include:

  • Connect your TV to the Internet or a mobile app to start watching Cardinal.
  • If you have a TV remote, you can sign up and in using it.
  • A 4-digit passcode will be sent to you.
  • The next step is to activate your device by going to in your web browser.
  • Congratulations! That’s great, since you’ve finally arrived! Sign in with your credentials and enter the four-digit code you see on the screen to gain access.
  • Ready the popcorn! You have access to more than 40000 hours of television programming that you can watch in one sitting.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

How many channels are there for Sony LIV?

Sony LIV, Sony TV (the most popular Hindi entertainment channel in India), Sony MAX, Sony SAB, Sony, Sony PIX, and many more are all available through the Sony Pictures Entertainment streaming app. Sony LIV offers 21 different channels.

For more information on the channels that stay, check out this webpage.

Here’s a series of steps-by-steps and directions on how to enable the LIV app on smart TVs and other golem-based devices.

You should now be able to enjoy some of the best shows on the platform after following the instructions at on your client device.

Is Sony Liv free?

There is no way to view Sony LIV without subscribing. However, if you sign up for a certain subscription plan, Sony LIV is free forever.

In this plan, you can’t stream live games or the most recent episodes. However, only select programmes are available for viewing, such as The Kapil Sharma Show and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and the King of Comedy. Commercials will play in between episodes and films.

Can you access Sony Liv’s content via download?

In addition to watching video live, the Sonyliv app also allows you to download any and all content. These shows can be viewed offline at a later time.

How many displays can Sony Liv accommodate simultaneously?

There can only ever be one instance of the Sony LIV app open on any given screen. There are annual and semiannual Liv Premium plans available, which allow for simultaneous streaming on two devices. Then, you’ll be able to watch content on both of your screens simultaneously.

I can’t get the Sony LIV app to load on my device.

First things first, check if your device is capable of running the Sony LIV app.

Streaming Sony LIV material may not work if your Internet connection is too slow.

Maybe something is wrong with your Internet connection.

Apple TV, Android TV, the Samsung Smart TV, and many others are among the many options available to you.

Contact Sony LIV’s support team.

Unfortunately, the Sony Liv app is not compatible with my Samsung TV.

Only Samsung TVs produced after 2016 are compatible with Sony Liv. You can’t use the Sony Live App if your TV is an earlier model.


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