Nowadays, many people are infected by the Corona virus and have a speedy recovery within a few weeks.

Worldwide, the Corona virus is threatening the day-to-day life of us. Many people are affected and even social workers, politicians, and even Presidents are affecting day by day.

The conditions are worsening these days, and we could not control the spreading of the infection. Many leaders are also affected, and some of them died due to the Coronavirus.

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The world is shocking after hearing American President Trump and Melina Trump are affected by the Coronavirus.

People are shocked to hear COVID positive for Trump. It is not only news but also a statement that even rich people are affected by the infection.

Based on Mr. Trump’s announcement on Friday, he and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for the virus.

It predominantly accompanied the global news cycle and upending countless plans and sparking comment.

Based on the President’s offices to the thousands looking to weigh in social media.

The positive test reading for the world’s largest economy leader adds more to investors, including how the infection might affect.

Tested Positive on Friday

President Trump, along with Melania Trump, tested positive for the Corona virus last Thursday. It was known that their close aide hoped hicks contracted the infection.

Mr. Trump was admitted to a military hospital on Friday and was discharged on Monday. White House is now screening day by day to ensure who are all affected by the Coronavirus.

At least three journalists working at the White House tested positive for the infection.

On Tuesday, the White House issued an updated guideline on the health and safety of the Residence staff.

In the recent positive results, Trump is tested positive and discharged earlier within two days.

Besides, support from a Medical unit and health condition is stable as per the doctor’s statements.

The residence staff in contact with the Trump family is tested daily every 48 hours and monitoring regularly.

Telecasted in China CCTV channel

But, in China, Trump and his wife’s positive test result was the most searched topic. After the announcement, with the most comments, the news is mocking or critical.

China CCTV announced this news, and people in China debated regarding this news. The Chinese government has bristled at Trump’s attempts to blame China for this Corona pandemic.

In Russian, social media is telecasting this news regularly and asking about Trump and his wife’s health condition. But he discharges on Monday, and now he is stable with his family.

At 74, American President Trump is older and more vulnerable than others. The news of tested positive on Trump status went viral and also carried out global repercussions.

It is shocking to hear this news, and people around the world react with shock and mockery.

Sympathy and Mockery Comments

In recent times, Mr. Johnson to President Vladimir V.Putin of Russian is tested positive and recovered now completely.

Mr. Trump sends good wishes for their speedy recovery as well. I hope they both have a speedy recovery from the Corona virus said by Mr. Johnson.

He was hospitalized in ICU, and his condition worsened in past days. But now, he has recovered completely and is doing this duty sincerely.

During the presidential debate on Tuesday, he mocked this news. In China, Mr. Trump blamed it as the virus’s seedbed, and commentary reflected a mix of sympathy and mockery.

The whole world is shocking after Trump tested positive for the coronavirus.

No Risky Conditions Yet

American president Trump’s physician Sean Conley said, Trump and Melania are both well at this time and recover soon.

They both remain at home within the White House during the Convalescence. They expect to continue carrying out his duties without disruption and recovering completely.

They carried out, and positive results were likely to sharpen intense public attention.  The Corona pandemic does not go to the end, and we need to be safe hereafter.

We need to safeguard us from infection as there is no treatment for this coronavirus yet.

Trump does not have any other medical conditions. So, he could be at greater risk due to the coronavirus infection.

Based on the CNN report, his latest physical had detected a slight Blood Pressure, and there is no evidence of diabetes, cancer, kidney, and other diseases.

As a result, he will be alright soon and soon carry out his duties from the White House. Melania is also younger than Trump. Also, she is a farmer model and looks in excellent physical shape.

She is also not having any medical complaints. But they both are safe now, and there is no evidence about the risky conditions.

Both were discharged from the Military medical unit and now in home isolation. Now, the world is shocked at this news and slowly recovered after hearing his medical conditions.


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