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SC.TV/Activate – The Smithsonian Channel application can be activated on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and other devices using the SC.TV/Activate Smithsonian Channel website. In order for the words SC.TV/Activate Code to appear on the screen of your television, you will require them. The Smithsonian Channel can then be accessed by following the on-screen instructions. This article will detail the steps required to set up and activate SCTV.

How to Activate Smithsonian Channel on Roku:

To access Smithsonian Channel on your Roku, click here.

  • Start by launching a web search on your ROKU after you’ve connected it to the internet.
  • Install the app by searching for “Smithsonian” in your app store.
  • Just hit the channel button on the main screen.
  • Enter your credentials to gain access to the activation key.
  • Take a note of it, and then go to any website you choose on any other device.
  • To begin the activation procedure, go to the Roku page.
  • The activation code must be entered in the designated field before you can click the activate button.

Do you know where I can find Smithsonian Channel shows?

You can watch in a number of different ways:

Cost-free Access Via Web or Mobile App:

  • Visit or the Smithsonian Channel app (available for free on Apple, Amazon, Roku, and Android devices) to watch full episodes and snippets from select shows for no cost.
  • Let’s say you have a TV package that includes Smithsonian Channel.
  • If so, you can sign in with the credentials from your cable or satellite TV provider’s website to access all of our shows on devices that support that service.


The Smithsonian Channel is available with select cable and satellite subscriptions. Visit to learn if Smithsonian Channel is available in your area.


You may purchase episodes separately on DVD, Blu-ray, iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Prime, Google Play, FandangoNOW, and more. Find out if the show you want to buy is sold online by searching for its name at one of these retailers.


  • Paramount now offers all of your favourite Smithsonian Channel programming.
  • The procedure is straightforward for current Paramount Plus subscribers.
  • Popular shows from the Smithsonian Channel, such as Air Disasters, Aerial America, and Secrets, are also accessible online. You can begin streaming immediately by going to Paramount+.
  • If you haven’t used Paramount Plus before but are interested in doing so, you can do so for free.
  • Visit

How can I activate the Smithsonian Channel on my Apple TV (Sc.Tv/Activate)?

To watch Smithsonian Channel on Apple TV, download the app from the App Store and enter the activation code provided by Here is the whole set of steps:

  • Launch the App Store on your Apple TV.
  • Find the Smithsonian app in the app store and download it.
  • The programme can be used as soon as it has been downloaded and installed.
  • Enter your credentials and a TV screen will display an access code.
  • Once you’ve copied the code, use any web browser to head on over to the SC.TV/Activate Apple TV link.
  • Please enter the activation number in the space provided.
  • The “activate” button can be activated by clicking on it.

If you follow the instructions above to a T, the app will be refreshed, and you’ll have access to Smithsonian Channel material.

To access the Smithsonian Channel on your Amazon Fire TV, go to Sc.Tv/Activate Firestick.

The Smithsonian Channel app may be used on a variety of devices, including the Amazon Fire TV. Accessing content on Fire TV requires activating the app via the Firestick website. Here is how the whole activation process goes down:

  • Launch a web browser on your connected device and type the app’s name into the search bar to obtain it.
  • To obtain an app, one just does a search for it and then clicks the appropriate download button.
  • Launch the app after installation.
  • In order to retrieve the activation code, you will need to log in using your username and password.
  • Simply copy the code and paste it into a browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Type Firestick into your browser’s search bar to access the activation page.
  • Enter the activation number and click the activate button.

How can I activate the Smithsonian Channel on my Android TV (Sc.Tv/Activate)?

If you have an Android TV device, installing the Smithsonian Channel app is a breeze. All that’s required is the proper entry of the code on the Code page. To complete this process successfully, please read and follow each step carefully:

  1. You may find the Smithsonian app by searching for it in the Google Play store.
  2. Put it on your device and launch it from the app drawer.
  3. The activation code will be displayed on the TV screen after you select the sign-in option and enter your account details.
  4. To activate your subscription to SC TV, please use a browser other than Internet Explorer on your computer or mobile device.
  5. Now fill in the blank with the activation number we just gave you.
  6. After that, hit the “Activate” button.

Top Methods of Accessing Smithsonian Channel:

In order to watch Smithsonian Channel shows online, consider the following:

The Smithsonian Channel is available for download through most cable and satellite services.

Sign in to your TV service account to gain access to the best online content from participating providers including YouTube TV, Hulu, Spectrum, and many more. All of the service providers are listed above.

Take a Look at It Now on Paramount+:

  • Many of the most watched shows and documentaries from Smithsonian Channel are now available on Paramount+.
  • Popular shows from CBS, BET, MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon, as well as the Smithsonian Channel, can now be viewed online.
  • Moreover, there is no cost to the user.

An App from the Smithsonian Channel This is the Smithsonian Channel app, and it lets you do the following:

The following is a sample of what can be found in the App Store:

  • Download the Smithsonian Channel app for your mobile device to have access to full episodes and thousands of short clips of material, all of which are provided free of charge.
  • The channel’s app is available for download on the web (desktop, mobile, tablet), apple (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV), android (TV phone, desktop, tablet), amazon (Fire TV, Fire tablet), ROKU TV, and many more Roku Streaming Devices.

Watch It Now On PLUTO TV:

  • In light of Pluto TV’s recent addition of The Smithsonian Channel, it’s time to learn more about the United States and the rest of the world.

Providers Who Carry Smithsonian Channel

  • Any active TV provider subscription will do for activation.
  • Enjoy your favourite Smithsonian Channel programmes online with any of the following TV service providers:

Any Device That Plays the Smithsonian Channel

The Smithsonian Channel app allows users to watch whole episodes, as well as hundreds of other programmes, on the go. Check first if your device meets the system requirements for the app. In order to activate, please use the following equipment:

Hulu Live Spectrum
Direct TV Xfinity
Fios by Verizon YouTube TV
Altice one Blue Ridge
Cox Fubo TV
Frontier Grande Communications
Dish Optimum
Mediacom Ziply Fiber
Wave Cincinnati Bell
Hawaiian Telecom Pluto TV
RCN Paramount+


If you don’t have cable, you may be wondering how to watch the Smithsonian Channel.

Let’s say you want to watch Smithsonian Channel online but don’t have cable. For those who don’t have cable or satellite TV, there are a number of options for watching Smithsonian Channel online.

The Hulu TV:

The Hulu with Live TV option. Hulu now offers a live TV streaming service called Hulu Live. In the United States, Hulu is by far the most popular streaming service. Hulu’s Live TV service includes the Smithsonian Channel. As part of their subscription, you may watch over 70 different channels (including TLC, TNT, TBS, VH1, ESPN, MTV, Fox News, FX, FXX, CNN, truTV, USA Network, and many more). The monthly fee for this plan is $64.99.

There’s a free trial period of 7 days. Plus 70 channels. 50 hours of cloud-based DVR storage for saving your most unforgettable memories (you could also upgrade to 200 hours cloud DVR storage with $14.99 per month). Only two devices can broadcast at once. It supports a range of devices: Roku, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, PS4, PS5, Nintendo, Xbox, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV as well as VIZIO Smart TV.


FuboTV is another well-known streaming service available in the US that features Smithsonian Channel on its channel roster. For $64.99 a month, you can have access to Smithsonian Channel and more than 90 additional channels, including ESPN, E!, Fox News, VH1, Syfy, WE tv, TLC, Comedy Central, BET, AMC, and many more.

  • There’s also a free trial period of one week.
  • Over 90 channels are accessible.
  • 250 hours of cloud DVR storage is provided (You could also expand it to 1000 hours of Cloud DVR storage by upgrading its plan) (You could also extend it to 1000 hours of Cloud DVR storage by upgrading its plan).
  • The maximum number of connected devices is 3.
  • Supports many devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, Android, Windows, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Xbox, and VIZIO Smart TV.
  • The PlayStation and Nintendo platforms are not supported.

This is YouTube TV: –

The Smithsonian Channel may also be viewed on YouTube TV, making it a viable alternative for those who prefer to use their streaming devices to watch TV. They have over 60 channels to choose from, including AMC, Fox News, HGTV, FX, FXX, VH1, WE tv, truTV, VH1, HGTV, FOX, ESPN, and more.

  • The package is offered for about $64.99 each month. Customers can store as much data as they want in the cloud.
  • The maximum number of connected devices is 3.
  • There are more than 60 channels to choose from.
  • It is compatible with a broad variety of platforms and hardware, including Mac, Windows, Xbox, Samsung, LG, Sony, and VIZIO Smart TVs, as well as iOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast, and more.
  • It is incompatible with Nintendo hardware.

The Smithsonian Channel…what is it?

Viacom CBS, an American media conglomerate, operates the Smithsonian Channel. Simply said, it provides the kind of material that makes the Smithsonian museums and galleries so compelling. Publications, collections, and exhibitions from the Smithsonian Institutions. It features cultural, scientific, and historical exhibits in addition to its historical exhibits.

The Smithsonian Channel is seen by more than 40 million homes in the United States. On September 26, 2007, the Smithsonian Channel premiered. With the passage of An Act of Congress in 1846, the Smithsonian Institution was created as “an establishment for growing and transmission of knowledge.”

The Smithsonian Institution is home to the National Zoo as well as 19 museums (three of the most popular museums in the world). Over the course of a year, the institution’s travelling exhibits visit over a hundred other museums across the United States and Canada.

There are more than 130 million pieces in the Smithsonian’s collection, from Dorothy’s ruby slippers to The Lunar Orbiter, and the institution is home to 700 of the world’s leading experts.


Could I use Roku to access the Smithsonian Channel?

The Smithsonian Channel app is available for download on Roku, so you can watch all your shows whenever you want. The Smithsonian Channel is among the many channels available through media streaming apps.

What’s up with the buffering and freezing on the Smithsonian Channel?

If your connection is slow enough, you may be able to watch Smithsonian Channel online.

Check to see whether you are online.

Change your ISP if the connection is too slow.

Replace your streaming media player.

Where can I find out how much a Smithsonian Channel membership will set me back?

Costs associated with gaining access to Smithsonian Channel programming are set by individual service providers. Smithsonian Plus is a subscription service that may be purchased separately for $4.99 per month.

I was wondering if it would cost anything to watch the Smithsonian Channel.

This Smithsonian Channel app is available at no cost to users. However, if you want to watch shows on the Smithsonian Channel, you’ll need a cable TV membership.

Is the Smithsonian Channel accessible with Amazon Prime?

You may watch Smithsonian Channel on the web at or download the app for iOS, Android, or Roku devices. By the end of 2018, subscribers to Amazon Prime could additionally watch Smithsonian Channel Plus through Prime Video Channels.


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