What Is the Procedure for Accessing Imgur Albums?

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If the image or album has been shared publicly to Imgur, select ‘remove from gallery’, then once it’s removed select ‘delete post’. We will also see how to effectively sign up for this social media platform and also how to remove albums from your profile.

Imgur was launched in the year 2009, owned by Allan Scaff. Imgur can be run on android as well as iOS devices and can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We shall also understand the privacy settings for the same.

Introduction to Procedure for Accessing Imgur Albums

Imgur is one of the image-sharing platforms with great features. So, Everybody likes to share images on Imgur and benefit from that.

Since you’re wondering how to create an account in Imgur, Uploading images, creating albums. Don’t worry, Go down and Acknowledge.

Create Account

For starting your Journey on Imgur, you should create an Account.

Get the Imgur app from the play store and log in or you can go to www.imgur.com. by opening up the web browser.

Then you can easily create your favorite album by the button album. Thereby you can create a new album.

You can also edit the album whenever you want by clicking the Album option.

Upload Images Without an Account.

If you are not ready or feeling bored to install an Imgur app, you can go with this. First, go to Imgur.com on a webpage.

Then click upload images next to this, select your image to upload, After this, click the start upload button over there. Finally, Copy your image URL.

How Does Imgur Work?

Imgur is also like an Alamy. Where a lot of images are uploaded each day, The best images from that are filtered by the Imgur Community and they will be viewed a billion times.

Imgur Makes Money

Adsense earns $1-$3 per 1000 impressions. Usually, the Imgur page will have 4 ad units. So you can earn approximately $4,000,000 per month by AdSense.

Find Albums on Imgur

You can find albums with a click on your username or the gallery profile. If you wonder, Where can I find those?

Here it is, you can find the username in the top right. and the gallery profile in the first top-down menu. Better Go with Clicking your profile.

View Hidden Albums on Imgur

You can View Hidden albums on Imgur. but  Once the album is hidden, it cannot unhide. Isn’t it? To make this, the selection of all photos should be done.

Afterward, you can include it in a new album. In this way, you can view your hidden albums on Imgur.

Imgur Album on iPhone

The Imgur album on your iPhone sounds Good but how? Here it is: First of all, you should install the Imgur iPhone app.

If you already have this app on your iPhone, you can skip the first step and make sure whether you have updated it to the new version.

Next, open it and click on the blue button at the bottom. Finally, you can upload the photo that you want by clicking the camera roll.

Link to an Imgur Album

You can link to an Imgur album. Is it? yes. you can see a <username> new menu with an “Albums” link on the imgur.com gallery page.

This “Albums” link will appear next to the username while you’re browsing the gallery. In this way, you can link to an Imgur album.

Download the  Entire Imgur Album

If you wanna download your entire Imgur album, Go to the Image page, and from the menu, click the download option image option and download your favorite image or the image you want.

FAQs to: Procedure for Accessing Imgur Albums

1. How Can I See Who Views My Imgur?

You can see my post analytics and also by views. Analytics will be available in all posts on the Desktop site of Imgur.

This includes views, comments. In this way, you can See your Imgur post views.

2. How Can the Deletion of My Post in Imgur Be Done?

The first step is to select the post you wish to delete. Next, tap on the menu on the left side of the screen. It displays several options.

In that, you can find ‘delete post’.Click that for your Successful deletion.

If the post shared publicly meant, simply you can go by selecting a remove option from the gallery. After this, delete your post.

3. How to Use Imgur and Reddit?

Start by creating an account on Reddit. Then Request ‘flair’.Create an account on Imgur. start uploading your image.

Make a share of this to your Imgur’s library. Also,  share this to Reddit subreddit /r/comics.Finally participate.

4. Does Imgur Work for Android Users?

Yes, Imgur works for Android users. You can also view albums on your mobile. Just by downloading the puffin browser, which serves as the desktop browser.

Next type your username in the address bar in this format username.imgur.com.and  you can go.

5. Is Imgur Safe?

As Imgur is the official image hosting platform of Reddit, this is completely safe compared to other big sites.

6. How Do I Make an Imgur Album Private?

Your post is ‘hidden’ by default. If you wish to share your content with the Imgur community simply make the selection of the “Share to community” option in the top right corner, which will change your post privacy setting from Hidden to Public.

7. How Do I Make an Imgur Album?

Then you may move to the album tab found at the top right-hand corner of the page.

You will see a button called the album. Then once you click on this button you may select the option of a new album and name it.

For editing the same – click on the edit button on the upper right side of the tab.

8. Is Imgur Safe?

Yes, Imgur is safe. It is Reddit’s official image hosting platform.

9. How Does Imgur Work?

Imgur basically is a visual sharing platform where photographs and pictures are shared to make up the stream of the Internet’s best images and viewed billions of times.

It is an image community.

10. How Do I Upload to Imgur Without an Account?

It’s quick and easy and you do not need to register for an account in order to upload and host your image.

  • Go to imgur.com.
  • Click Upload Images > Computer (top right of screen)
  • Select your image to upload.
  • Click Start Upload.
  • Copy the image URL to your clipboard – paper sheet icon

11. How Do I Find Someone on Imgur?

When Looking for a specific person on Imgur you can  Search for their username to see all the users with that name or similar ones.

First Open the Imgur app and tap on the magnifying glass icon in the lower left-hand corner from any screen and then get ready to type and search.

12. How Does Imgur Make Money?

On average, adsense CPMs are around $1 to $3 USD per 1000 impressions. A typical Imgur page has 4 ad units. So taking in account all of these, here’s a rough calculation.

Total earnings = 500,000,000/1000*4*2 = $4,000,000 of ad revenue per month.

13. How Do I View an Album on Imgur Mobile?

You can view an album on your mobile by simply searching for the Imgur website on your web browser.

Once the search is complete login to your Imgur account and then view your album.

14. How Do I Make an Imgur?

You can directly access Imgur’s website and then register via the sign up button on the top right of the home page to create an account.

You also have the option to create an account with a third party platform account for example – Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo or to use an email address and password.

15. How Do I Embed Imgur?

To embed your uploaded images, go to your images page via (yourusername.imgur.com/all) and then click on the image thumbnail, copy and paste the image link into a new browser window, then use the “Embed post” link on the right-hand side panel.

16. How Do I Delete an Imgur Post From My Gallery?

The first step is to Tap on the post you want to delete. Next tap on the three dots menu button in the upper lefthand corner.

Select option – ‘delete post’. If the image or album has been shared publicly to Imgur, select ‘remove from gallery’, then once it’s removed select ‘delete post’.

17. What Is the Procedure for Accessing Imgur Albums from Phone?

Tap the + upload icon in the top right of your screen to create a new Imgur post. You may: Capture and upload a photo or video using your phone’s camera.

Upload both images and video from your phone’s gallery.

18. How Do You Post a Gallery on Reddit?

About This Article

  • Create an album on Imgur.
  • Copy the album link to your clipboard.
  • Open Reddit.
  • Tap the “+” icon.
  • Tap Post a link.
  • Tap Select Community and select a subreddit.
  • Enter a post title.
  • Paste the album link into the link field.

19. How Do I Link Imgur to Reddit?

How do I post an Imgur to Reddit?

Upload image to Imgur”Upload Image” on the top of the page, select image to upload, click “Start Upload”

Click “Submit a new link” in the sidebar.

Paste the link to the image you uploaded.

20. How Do I Use Imgur and Reddit?

A step-by-step guide to posting to Reddit using Imgur

  • Step 1: Create a Reddit account.
  • Step 2: Request ‘flair’ from the various subreddits.
  • Step 3: Create an Imgur account.
  • Step 4: Upload an image to Imgur.
  • Step 5: Share the image to Imgur’s library.
  • Step 6: Share to Reddit subreddit /r/comics.
  • Step 7: Participate.

21. Can I See Who Has Viewed My Imgur?

Yes, you can. You can find out who has viewed your imgur via Post Analytics and Views on Imgur’s desktop site.


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