Party 411: How to Celebrate a 75th Birthday and What to Call It

According to projections by the Population Reference Bureau, the number of Americans who reach their 75th birthday is expected to increase dramatically by 2060. This means that more people than ever before will be commemorating this milestone. If you or someone you care about is approaching their 75th birthday, brush up on your party planning abilities. We’ve compiled some information on 75th birthdays as well as celebration suggestions to assist restart your planning.

Is There a Birthday Name for a 75th?

Unlike anniversaries, birthdays typically do not have accompanying names. Some regard a 75th birthday to be a “diamond jubilee.” This word was formerly employed to describe the 75th anniversary. It is most often connected with monarchs ascending to the throne. In 1897, Queen Victoria altered this custom by designating the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne as her diamond jubilee.

Today, the word can be applied to the 60th and 75th anniversaries. The term “platinum jubilee” is sometimes used. This word is used worldwide to describe the 70th or 75th anniversary. Platinum, diamond — whatever you call it, the person celebrating his or her birth day has reached a significant milestone.

Celebration Ideas for a 75th Birthday

Milestones should be commemorated. What this entails depends on the honoured guest. Perhaps she would love a large party with people who have played significant roles in various aspects of her life. Alternately, he may choose an intimate supper with his closest relatives and friends. Parties are not the only means of commemoration.

Schedule a Bucket List Activity

Get a hold of the birthday person’s or girl’s bucket list in order to plan an outstanding experience. Forbes reports that around 95% of Americans include travel on their bucket lists. For some, this may be viewing the Northern Lights, the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C., or Tokyo, taking a cross-country road trip, or seaside horseback riding. If travel is not feasible or affordable, consider hot air balloon trips, ziplining, or learning a new skill.

Invite 75 acquaintances to send birthday greetings.

It is not necessary to host a party to bring people together. Coordinate 75 friends and family members sending birthday greetings to the honoree. Consider producing a video for the person to watch again later if the majority of attendees are local. Imagine how much affection and attention he or she will experience.

Recreate a Favorite Memory

Hopefully, all those years of living have resulted in an abundance of good memories. Coordinate an activity, travel, or memory book to celebrate the 75th birthday and provide the honoree with an opportunity to reflect. Simultaneously, you will create a new memory together.


Find a few individuals from the past. Celebrating a milestone birthday with old friends and family members can be rewarding. Even if they cannot meet in person, birthday greetings, cards, or phone calls are a pleasant surprise.

Give 75 Gifts

Giving 75 gifts sounds like a costly endeavour. However, the gifts may be modest. Consider offering 75 flowers, crossword puzzles, or sweet sweets as examples.


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