A Brief Overview Of Airplane Hangars

Hangars are an integral part of the aviation industry. These are used to keep aircraft while being repaired or when not in use. Despite their vast size, hangar plane construction is available across different price points, making them some of the most versatile structures.

If you are interested in learning more, here is everything you need to know about airplane hangars.

What Is An Airplane Hangar?

They are large enclosures that hold aircrafts, jets, helicopters, etc. They are specialized building structures that keep these heavy vehicles safe and provide a space for mechanics to perform repairs and maintenance work to ensure smooth operations.

There are different types of hangars depending on the utility. If you’re looking to store a helicopter, you’ll require a smaller garage than one for holding a bigger aircraft.

Moreover, regardless of what you’re keeping, it is always necessary to ensure that your hangar plane structure is large enough for your vehicle to enter and move comfortably.

The following are the different sizes available:

  • Small: To comfortably hold a helicopter, microlight, or jet with a wingspan of less than 30m.
  • Medium: Used to store aircraft and jets with 30m to 60m spans.
  • Large: To keep large jets with a span ranging from 60m to 90m.
  • Extra Large: Used to accommodate jets in a 90n to 120m span.
  • Extra Extra Large: To store multiple jets, helicopters, and spacecraft offering more than a 120m span.

What Is The Purpose?

The primary job of a garage is to provide protection and storage options for your aircrafts. They act as secure facilities or storage units that allow you to keep your jets away from direct sunlight and atmospheric elements of nature, protecting them from environmental degradation and damage.

Regular maintenance and timely checks are crucial to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Thus, aircraft hangars act as a place that allows you to carry out repairs and replacements and assemble parts for optimal functionality. Furthermore, they are also used as sites for technical or mechanical restoration.

What Is A Hangar Made Of?

Conventionally, these were predominantly steel, wood, or concrete structures. However, nowadays, there’s been a shift from traditional wood-walled and concrete buildings to metal-bodied ones. Not only do they offer more durability, but they prove to be highly cost-effective and easy to install.

Moreover, using steel to build a structure is popular due to its flexibility and versatility. You do not have to be stuck with regular 4-walled structures. Instead, you can design them according to your tastes and requirements. Doing this makes them innovative and multipurpose storage options for your vehicles, thus making them better investments.

What Are Some Features Of An Airplane Storage Unit?

An airplane storage building is designed using solid frames and metal bodies. They can withstand high temperatures, strong winds, and even natural disasters like tornadoes or hurricanes, keeping your vehicles safe and in good condition throughout the year.

They often use galvanized steel, ideal for protection against corrosion for long-lasting storage solutions that also provide excellent serviceability.

Moreover, these materials are UV stabilized, preventing any degradation and loss of strength over time. Another feature is that it offers high wind resistance and can stand tall even in cyclonic weather speeds up to 25 km/hr. They are highly affordable and can provide permanent or temporary storage to planes.


An airplane hangar is a versatile enclosure explicitly built for aircraft, helicopters, and spaceships. They are ideal if you’re looking for a practical storage solution for your planes or looking to house helicopters temporarily.


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