During the time of Presidential debate on Tuesdays night, President Trump comes up with the statement that Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, was this honourably discharged from the military just because he was using cocaine.

But according to the Washington Post, there was a report came out that his discharge was totally administrative not dishonourable.

He was struggling with alcohol addiction and drug abuse, and the same has been well documented by the media. The reports are come out after proper study only.

The next day after the debate Donald Trump the son of President Trump, referred him as a crackhead Hunter during the interview with radio personality Glen back.

He was raising so many questions of whether putting the spotlight on him and his past drug problem as the re-election strategy.

It was not at all acceptable, but he was doing something which is just let others think about him a lot.

The attack on Hunter let everyone in America so shocked, because political candidate children are typically viewed as off-limits during the selected season debates.

But so many people are there who are directly affected by the abuse, and they have no responsibility for the same as well.

During the debate of President Trump, his father does not come up with anything. But now finally he came up with a statement where he responded to everything Trump was saying during the debate.

He also mentioned that like other people his son was also suffering from it, and he had a drug problem.

He was taken it, but he had picked it as well, he was working on it, and he is proud of it.

Moreover, he was not saying anything just to get social attention, but he was in his heart out in front of everyone.

It is quite interesting to note is that after the statement came out it had created was all over the internet was of social media users are extending their information and appreciating the things done by hand.

Moreover, there is a lot of exchange between two presidential candidates to speak about how their lives have been affected but finally, this statement let everyone to feel relaxed.

Moreover, after the debate, he also used his Twitter handle and mention that today would have been my dad 55 birthday when Trump attacked him for addiction on the stage.

He exactly knows what he was doing and attack people like his dad too. They all have similar struggles in his life, and it is important to overcome them as well.

All the personality came out in support of it and mentioned that as some with family members, it is important to support them instead of pulling them.

Moreover, some of the people use their Instagram handle and come up with the statement that he had done something which is not easy for everyone and overcoming the drug problem is one of the most important things for a person to do.

It is quite interested for everyone to know that people are in his support and all those who were just creating a nuisance to him are right now away from it.

Some people did not respond to us because they know if they did something some other steps may have taken the place of individuals who are themselves in recovery come on social media and acknowledge the importance of interaction as well.

Moreover, Hamilton-Smith shares his experience on Twitter we are here have mentioned that he had an addiction of various kinds throughout his life and Joe Biden was saying he is proud of his son overcoming the drug addiction and it is enough.

Moreover, he also mentioned that during the entire election season he would be going to express his gratitude for it.

Also, everyone on Twitter is appreciating whatever happened.

Author and motivational speaker Gabriel also took his Instagram handle and share a conversation that meant to her writing and share that on Friday she will be going to celebrate 15 years of sobriety, and she did not feel ashamed of any addiction instead she is deeply proud of her recovery.

Thanks for bringing the light to the topic where addiction of the son was under attack and a shut call for the person who is judged for the same.

And some other people as well have taken their Instagram to handle and come up with the statement that they are proud of what he had done and he appreciates what his child has done.

Now he is out of drug addiction. It is a time for celebration, and he will be going to focus on the things that let others quit their addiction problems as well.

It is important to support all those who are fighting with it. Instead of letting them feel ashamed, it is important to support them and to help them in getting rid of it.

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