On the Armitron WR165 Watch, how do you set the time and date?

Press the top left button “A” to set the time on the Armitron WR165, then the top right button “C” to reset the seconds. To set the correct hour, press “B” on the bottom left button, then “C.” To set the minutes and date, press “B” and “C” again.

The Armitron WR165 watch has four primary buttons: a “A” button on the top left, a “B” button on the bottom left, a “C” button on the top right, and a “D” button on the bottom right. Wait for the time to flash after pressing and holding “B.” To set the right time, press “C.” Repeat the process, then hit “B” to continue on to the next step and set the date. Because information flashes in a precise order, pressing “B” repeatedly will advance you to the next piece of information. Seconds, hours, minutes, day, month, and weekday are in order. To exit and return to the main menu, hit “B” one more time.


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