Kellie Copeland got divorced for what reason?

Kellie Copeland has been divorced twice; the cause of her first divorce is unknown, while her second divorce is attributed to her husband’s infidelity. Copeland is the daughter of televangelist Kenneth Copeland and Gloria Copeland.

Doyle Blaine Ward and Kellie Copeland married in 1982. Rachel and Lindsey are the couple’s two children. The specifics of the couple’s divorce, including the cause for the breakup, are not publicly disclosed.

Alan Win Kutz, Jr. married Copeland in 1985, and the pair has two children, Jenny and Max. The exact date of the couple’s breakup is unknown, but it is thought to have occurred in late 2004 or early 2005. Win was said to have had affairs with several women, although this was never confirmed.

In 2008, Stephen Lowell Swisher married Copeland. Emily Jean Ann Swisher is the couple’s daughter.


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