Is There Going to Be a Sequel to Coraline?

When will Coraline 2 be released?

While most online websites and movie sites are largely silent regarding the sequel, Coraline 2, lovers of the original film should expect it sometime in 2022, according to fandom.

Will there be a sequel to Coraline?

Furthermore, there has never been a sequel to Coraline the novel, which is probably odd given that Coraline the novel left no actual loose ends. To summarise, interested parties should not expect a sequel to the Coraline film any time soon. Simply said, such a film has no foundation.

Is there a Coraline game as well? Coraline is a character in the film Coraline (video game) Coraline is an adventure game based on the film of the same name. It is also known as Coraline: The Game and Coraline: An Adventure Too Weird for Words. It was released on the same day as the film’s theatrical release, on January 27, 2009. The game was available for the PlayStation 2, Wii, and Nintendo DS.

In this case, what age group is Coraline aimed at?

The BBFC describes a film with a PG rating as enabling “general watching, however certain scenes may be unsuitable for young children.” Children of any age who are not accompanied are welcome to watch. A youngster of roughly eight years old or older should not be disturbed by a PG film.

What is the other mother’s motivation for wanting Coraline?

The other mother is so intent on possessing the children she abducts that she snatches their souls. We could feel terrible for her for a time. Perhaps all she desires is love, loyalty, and the bond that a kid has with his or her mother. But, if that’s her goal, she’s going about it incorrectly.

Related Questions

In Coraline, who is the Cat?

The Cat is the deuteragonist in the Laika film Coraline, which was released in 2009. He’s a black cat who hangs around around Coraline Jones’ Pink Palace Apartment. Keith David, who also portrayed Spawn and Goliath, provides his voice.

Is Johnny Depp going to be in Coraline?

Neil Gaiman is getting a live-action/animated adaptation from Johnny Depp and Edgar Wright. A live-action/animated hybrid is planned for the film. Coraline, Gaiman’s earlier animated version, was the best-received adaptation of his work to date.

Why did Wybie give the toy to Coraline?

Wybie demanded the doll back in the Real World since it belonged to his grandmother’s lost sister, and his grandma was furious that he had given it away. Coraline tries to explain to Wybie that the Other Mother abducted his great-aunt and that the doll is her spy.

Is a new Zootopia in the works?

Disney Animation has two unnamed projects scheduled for release in November 2020 and November 2021, thus Zootopia 2 might debut in one of those timeslots.

In Coraline, who plays the Cat?

The cast (in order of appearance in the credits) has been verified as full.

Dakota Fanning is an actress who is well-known for her

Jones, Coraline (voice)

Dawn French is a young woman from France.

Forcible Miss Miriam / Other Forcible (voice)

The Cat, Keith David (voice)

Hodgman, John

Other Father / Charlie Jones (voice)

Wyborne ‘Wybie’ Lovat Robert Bailey Jr. (voice)

What does Coraline represent?

The garden, to be precise. Gardens are often associated with purity and innocence, and Coraline is just that. She is a naive and innocent young girl who only wants someone to notice her. When she and her other mother arrive in the new planet, the garden is vibrant and flourishing.

Coraline was created by who?

Coraline is a character in the film Coraline (film)


Bill Mechanic was in charge of the production. Claire Jennings is a British actress. Henry Selick is an American film director and producer. Sandell, Mary

Henry Selick wrote the script.

Based on Neil Gaiman’s Coraline.


Dakota Fanning is an actress who is well-known for her Teri Hatcher is a writer who lives in the United States. Jennifer Saunders is a writer. Dawn French is a young woman from France. Keith David is a musician from the United Kingdom. Hodgman, John Ian McShane Robert Bailey Jr.

Is Coraline a scary film?

Coraline, which was released in 2009, isn’t typically thought of as a horror film due to its PG-13 rating and the fact that horror films aren’t normally created for children. Because the target audience for children’s films is so young, gore and jump scares aren’t appropriate.

Is Coraline suitable for children aged 5?


It’s hilarious to see reviews (mainly from adults) that compare this to a HORROR film. Yes, it’s disturbing, but unless your child is really sensitive, it shouldn’t bother them. For’mature’ 5 year olds, I recommend 5+, but for regular youngsters, I say 8+.

Is Coraline suitable for a 9-year-old?

Coraline will terrify small children, therefore parents should be aware of this. Because of the extensive marketing effort, your young children may be interested in viewing the film, but it is not an age-appropriate choice for them.

Is Dark Crystal suitable for children?

“It’s completely acceptable for youngsters, but it has a bit of a challenge to it.” It has a threatening and ominous vibe about it. As a result, I believe it is fulfilling for both children and adults, and the series is very much in the spirit of that.”

What is the reason for the other mother’s desire for eyes?

The eyes are supposed to be the window to one’s soul. So, by stealing the children’s eyes and sewing buttons instead, the Other Mother is able to keep their souls with her and so stuck in the other realm. They are eaten by the Other Mother since they are her prey.

What went wrong with Coraline’s mother’s neck?

Coraline and her mother, Mel, have a talk in their kitchen when the Jones family first moves in. Mel is revising pages for Charlie, Coraline’s father. Mel explains that she is wearing a neck brace since she was in a vehicle accident. In any case, an automobile accident occurred.

Is Coraline’s pink mansion a genuine place?

The Pink Palace Flats are a decaying mansion rebuilt apartment complex in Ashland, Oregon, United States of America. It was previously a residence for one family, divided into multiple apartments. According to Charlie Jones, the home is 150 years old, which is the same age that the beldam is said to be.

Is Coraline a nightmare?

Coraline recalls everything every time she visits that parallel planet. It wasn’t a dream since Coraline observed snow on their hair and clothing. They were truly stuck in a parallel universe. Inside the mirror, they scribbled “HELP US.”

What happened to Wybie as a result of the other mother’s actions?

Throughout the novel, Other Wybie assists Coraline in escaping a dark room where she has been held by The Other Mother, who is forcing her to return to the actual world. When The Other Mother discovers that Other Wybie assisted Coraline in escaping, she murders him and hangs his remaining garments on a pole on top of the Other Mr.

Is it true that Coraline is based on a genuine story?

“Coraline,” based on a story by novelist and comic book writer Neil Gaiman (one of his books, “Stardust,” was adapted into a film in 2007), is about an 11-year-old girl who has relocated to a distant boarding house with her freelance writer/editor parents.


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