Is There a Harley-Davidson Blue Book?

As of September 2014, Kelley Blue Book provides values for Harley-Davidson motorcycles from 1960 to the present. After selecting a model year, customers select a model name and engine size before seeing prices for these motorcycles depending on their trade-in value or retail value. Kelley Blue Book requires a zip code to determine location-based price disparities.

As of September 2014, the suggested retail price of a 1960 165cc A-Topper in zip code 90038 is $3,650, while the trade-in value is $2,490. The retail price implies the motorcycle is in “great” condition, whereas the trade-in value assumes “good” condition. Mileage and extra options affect values.

As of September 2014, NADAguides provides prices from the current model year to 1908 for years prior to 1960. There are five condition categories for classic Harley-Davidson motorcycles: poor, fair, good, very good, and outstanding. A 1908 Model 4 Harley, for instance, is valued at around $134,600 in exceptional condition and $33,070 in poor condition. This resource may have limited pricing information for pre-1920 motorcycles.

In 1903, William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson created Harley-Davidson by attaching a small motor to a bicycle in their wooden shed. The initial models were constructed for racing. In later years, the motorcycles became increasingly popular, and the company expanded rapidly.


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