Is There a Candy That Starts With the Letter “Q”?

The letter “Q” may stump participants during the Candy Wrapper Game until they come up with “Quench Gum.” As a sugar-free gum designed for athletes, Relieve Gum claims to quench thirst.

Other alphabetical Candy Wrapper Game solutions include:

A — Almond A — Extra Gum B — Baby Ruth C — Chick-O-Stick D — Dots E — Dots
F — Fruit Gushers
G — Gobstoppers
Symbol: H — Heath Bars
I oppose icebreakers
J – Jolly Rancher Candies
K — Krackel L — Laffy Taffy
M — Mr. Goodbar
N — Nerds
O – Orbit Gum
P is for Payday R is for Red Vines
S — Starburst
T — Tootsie Roll
U — U-No
Y — Peppermint Patties from York Z — Zero Bar


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