Is Sugar a Pure Substance?

Sugar is a pure substance because it has the same chemical make-up everywhere. Elements and compounds are both ways to describe pure things. The chemical formula for sugar, also called sucrose, is C12H22O11.

Compounds are made up of two or more parts that are put together in a certain way. The formula for sugar tells you how much carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are in it. Each element has only one kind of atom.

Sugar is both a sugar and a carbohydrate. Sugar, also called sucrose, is made up of two molecules: one of glucose and one of fructose. Plants also have sugar in them.

In order to make sugar, sugar cane and beet cane must be picked and processed. To make sugar, the juice from the sugarcane needs to be taken out. To make raw sugar, you also have to boil the juice and then get rid of the syrup.


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