Is Lowe’s Owned by Walmart?

Neither Walmart nor the Walton family own Lowe’s. The publicly traded Lowe’s Companies Inc. lacks a controlling stakeholder. The Vanguard Group Inc. owned the most Lowe’s stock as of 2020. However, with just about 8.5 percent of the total stock, they were far from having a controlling interest in the business.


Lowe’s wasn’t always a monster, despite being a Fortune 50 corporation, the second-largest home improvement shop in the world, and the eighth-largest retailer overall in the United States. The North Wilkesboro Hardware Company was established in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, by H.

Carl Buchan and his brother-in-law. In order to offer lower pricing and capitalise on the post-World War II construction boom, Buchan bought out his brother-in-portion law’s in the business.

He also developed a plan to work directly with manufacturers rather than middlemen. North Carolina saw the opening of Buchan stores, and the business went public in 1961. It was traded on the New York Stock Exchange by the year 1979.

During those years, Lowe’s primarily catered to commercial builders and building firms. Even though the company’s sales in 1982 exceeded $1 billion, it wasn’t until it started selling supplies to homeowners who wanted to do it themselves that things really took off.

All brand-new Lowe’s stores had at least 85,000 square feet of space by 1994, allowing for adequate inventory to satisfy these clients’ demands. The corporation currently has more than 1,700 locations in the US and about 250 in Canada. Around 40,000 products are available at Lowe’s stores, and thousands more can be ordered on demand.


Before there was Walmart, Sam Walton founded a five-and-dime store in Newport, Arkansas named Walton’s as part of the Benjamin Franklin business franchise. He felt that you could not only still earn a profit, but even cause it to rise, by selling goods with the lowest profit margins conceivable in communities with 5,000 or fewer residents.

He used this model to open 14 businesses between 1945 and 1962. But Benjamin Franklin wasn’t persuaded, so Walton went it alone, and the first Walmart was created. Walton’s businesses in Arkansas had been so prosperous by 1968 that he started to branch out into Oklahoma and Missouri.

In 1969, Walmart became public, and in 1972, it started trading on the New York Stock Exchange. When there were 18 Wal-Marts by 1976, Walton shut down his previous five-and-dime businesses to concentrate entirely on his new network, which had subsequently grown to include locations in Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi.

After starting to acquire other companies, Walmart launched the pharmacy, automobile, and jewellery services that Walmart customers are familiar with in 1978. It accomplished $1 billion in profits in 18 years, outpacing all other businesses.

The first Walmart SuperCenters debuted in 1988, and the first Walmart store outside of the US debuted in Mexico in 1991. Walmart surpassed General Electric to become the largest private firm in the US in 1997, barely five years after Sam Walton’s passing. After barely three years, it surpassed all other private employers in the world.

Walmart-owned businesses

Lowe’s is not owned by Walmart, but it does own a lot of other businesses that you might be familiar with. Both the clothing shop Bonobos and the outdoor retailer Moosejaw began as online businesses before opening a number of physical sites.

Both companies are currently owned by Walmart. is remains an independent website while now being a part of Walmart, while online retailer was acquired and incorporated into Walmart’s own online store. With the acquisition of Parcel in 2017, the business also grew into the distribution of packages.


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