Is Coconut Milk a Laxative?

According to the Coconut Research Center, coconut milk is a moderate natural laxative. It is extremely high in fibre, which is essential for supporting digestive and intestinal health.

Coconut milk is quite nourishing. According to the Coconut Research Center, it is abundant in vitamins and minerals and possesses potent antiviral and antifungal capabilities. It is loaded with antioxidants, which assist the body against the consequences of age and vision loss. It can also aid in nerve relaxation, reduction of joint inflammation, lowering of cholesterol, prevention of obesity, and regulation of blood sugar.

Not to be confused with coconut water is coconut milk. The coconut contains water, however the milk is produced by liquefying the coconut meat. Small Footprint Family states that the basic recipe for manufacturing coconut milk is straightforward. Soak coconut that has been finely grated in very hot, but not boiling, water. Remove the cream that rises to the surface, then press the moist flesh through cheesecloth. The result will be coconut milk. You can flavour it with vanilla extract or sugar to taste.


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