In Which States Are Brass Knuckles Legal?

Many states permit brass knuckles, while California, Michigan, Illinois, and Vermont prohibit them. Brass knuckles are only prohibited in South Carolina if they are used to conduct crimes. Other states just prohibit or impose age restrictions on the ownership of metallic brass knuckles. However, the majority of states define brass knuckles as concealed weapons for which permits are required.

The unlawful possession of brass knuckles is a misdemeanour, but their use in a violent crime can result in felony penalties. Brass knuckles are often not lethal, but they can cause severe injuries, including shattered bones, wounds, and eye damage.

The media and video games regularly depict criminals employing brass knuckles, thereby glamorising their use. Brass knuckles, contrary to their name, can be constructed from a variety of materials; acrylic, steel, and hard plastic are the three most prevalent alternatives to brass. Consequently, some states have outlawed all forms of brass knuckles, while others restrict only a select number.

The appeal of brass knuckles is that they deliver a forceful blow while protecting the user’s fingers. The legal right to self-defense has been used to justify the acquisition and use of brass knuckles by some individuals. Permit-holding bouncers and bodyguards are normally permitted to carry brass knuckles.


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