In “Pokémon: Emerald,” What Should You Do After Visiting Mt. Pyre?

Players should go south along Route 123 to Jagged Pass after acquiring the Magma Emblem from the summit of Mt. Pyre. The next main goal in the story is to locate the underground Team Magma stronghold and defeat their commander, Maxie.

If they have a grass Pokémon in the first slot, players can locate a girl near the Berry Plants along Route 123 who can teach them the Giga Drain technique. Players should also pay a visit to the Berry Master’s residence. The Berry Master provides the player one random berry on each game day. If his wife has learned a secret phrase from the Pokémon League, she will additionally offer the player two rare berries.

Jagged Pass is located at the end of Route 123. When players carrying the Magma Emblem in their inventories walk into a specific place, the entrance to Team Magma’s hideaway appears immediately. Players can uncover a variety of optional items and Team Magma members to chase down and combat for experience inside the hideaway. Players must use the HM Strength technique to move rocks in order to reach the cave’s conclusion. Maxie is waiting for you at the cave’s conclusion with a level 34 Mightyena, a level 38 Crobat, and a level 39 Camerupt to defeat.


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