In Monopoly, How Much Money Does Each Player Get?

When you play Monopoly, one of the first things you have to do is give each player money. The same amount of money is given to each player. Each player starts the classic Monopoly game with $1,500. During the game, they can get more money by using game cards like the Community Chest and Chance Cards, passing go ($200 each time), and getting rent on properties they own.

The first amounts of Monopoly money

For Monopoly, the starting money must be given out in certain amounts. Give each player the following amounts of money when you play Monopoly:

Two bills for $500

Two bills for $100

Two bills for $50

Six $20 bills

Five $10 bills

Five $5 bills

Five $1 bills

On their first turn, players can start to spend their Monopoly money. Even though there is a version of Monopoly in which players have to go around the board once before they can buy property, this rule is not in the official rules.

What happens in Monopoly if you run out of money?

It’s possible to run out of money when playing Monopoly. Even if you run out of money during a game of Monopoly, you are not automatically out of the game. If you don’t have enough money to pay another player rent or do what a game card tells you to do, you can get money by selling your assets.

By taking out a mortgage on a property, you can sell it back to the bank. To do this, look at the back of the property to find out how much you can borrow against it. Make sure to flip over the property card so you can see how much the mortgage is. and then take your money. Pay the mortgage amount plus 10% of the mortgage amount to get the property back.

Before you can get a mortgage on a piece of property, you have to sell any houses or hotels on it. You will get half of what you paid for these when you sell them. For example, if you bought two houses for $200 each (for a total of $400), you’ll sell them back to the bank for $100 each (for a total of $200).

If you sell everything you own and still can’t pay your bills, you are bankrupt. The game is also over for you.

How much money is in the Monopoly bank?

Some people are curious about how much money is in the Monopoly bank. There are a total of $20,580 in the following denominations in a standard Monopoly bank:

30 $500 bills

30 $100 bills

30 $50 bills

30 $20 bills

30 $10 bills

30 $5 bills

30 $1 bills

This information only applies to standard Monopoly games made after 2008. In 2008, the money in a Monopoly game was changed to account for rising prices.

If the Monopoly Bank runs out of money, what happens?

When there are a lot of people playing, the Monopoly bank could run out of money. The Monopoly bank never breaks, so just because it’s empty doesn’t mean the game is over. If the money in your bank runs out, you can add more with paper, tokens, or even real money. You can also buy more Monopoly money to add to your Monopoly bank permanently.

Changes to Monopoly

When playing a version of Monopoly that is not the standard game, make sure to read the rules to find out how much money each player starts with. Some variations do start out with different amounts. In Monopoly Here and Now, for example, players start with these amounts:

Two bills for $5,000,000

Two bills for $1,000,000

Two bills for $500,000.

Six $200,000 bills

Five $100,000 bills

Five $50,000 bills

Five $10,000 bills


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