How to Remove the Background from a Video?

So many personal and business activities are happening online these days, making the quality of content significant. Moreover, video footage is attractive to look at and good for marketing and SEO purposes. Are you doing enough to enhance your YouTube content, website product explanation videos, or marketing clips? You need to set yourself apart from the competition!

One way to make a video seem more professional is to manipulate the background. Whether you want to share a video of you doing a presentation, or you’re dabbling with some fun YouTube channel activities, change up the background! It can make an ordinary clip seem much more impressive.

Luckily, it’s much less complicated and affordable to get this right. With the right tools, your videos can impress your audience much more than before. We will discuss how to erase background out of video footage.

How do You Remove Backgrounds from Videos?

The process you use to delete background details will depend on the software or tool you use. With some resources, it’s possible to trust AI to do a lot of the work for you. In other cases, you can manually pick which sections to erase.

2 Different Background Removal Methods

#1: Use Downloadable Video Editing Software 

As a green screen remover, you can download editing software to your computer. Any free video maker without watermark will do. The advantage here is after you acquire the app, you usually don’t need internet access to use it. 

Steps to follow to remove video background with apps and computer software:

  • Download the appropriate program’s version, depending on the operating system of your computer or mobile device.
  • Install the software.
  • Import your video into the program, to add it to the program’s media library.
  • Use the available video effects relevant to adjusting the background. Advanced software can automate the process, or you can select colors to remove, draw masks or select specific pixels. Whatever is selected can become transparent.

Now you can add another background that will appear behind your foreground, or simply save the video as is.

Use an Online Tool

Online video editors aren’t always as dynamic and versatile as downloadable software. However, the features are more than sufficient for anyone requiring basic adjustments to their footage, such as removing a background of a short video clip.

Remember, to use this method you need to have a good internet connection. You need to upload and download the video and it can get frustrating if the connection lags. Still, this is a helpful option since you may have the option to save your videos on the cloud. Then you can access them anywhere, from any device.

In most cases, an online tool requires these steps:

  • Open the tool or website in your browser.
  • Upload your video, giving the platform access to it. Plan efficiently, by giving yourself enough time for this process. An upload can take a considerable time, especially with quality video footage.
  • Pick which parts of the screen must be removed, or trust AI to remove them for you.
  • The tool will edit the video, such as making the background transparent.
  • Depending on the available features, add a color background or pick from available backgrounds. You can position your foreground over this footage or color and save the file after incorporating it.
  • Now download the new version of your video.

Note that the download format depends on the tool. Some may only provide GIFs or single frames. Therefore, do your research so you pick a tool that’s appropriate for your needs.

Do You Need a Green Screen?

If you’re looking for creative uses of video in web design, background videos are a great option.

No need to invest in an expensive green screen just to give yourself the option of removing the background. Thanks to modern technology, software, and online tools can take away the imagery behind a speaker or characters in a shot, in almost any scenario, and change it to what you desire.

Can You Remove the Background from a Video Using Your Mobile Device?

Thanks to modern editing tools, removing the background from a video is possible on mobile devices too. Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or devices with other operating systems, there are tools available. Simply ensure the video editing brand clearly states that it’s mobile-friendly.

Tips for Videos Without a Green Screen

Yes, using a green screen is often best, but luckily not necessary. You can also improve the quality of your videos by following expert advice:

  • Use a white or light-colored background if possible
  • Ensure there’s good lighting
  • Anyone who’s in the shot shouldn’t wear clothing of a similar shade as the background

Final Thoughts

These days, it only takes a few clicks to transform a video’s look or boost its effect by adding music or text. Get comfortable with the innovative tools, such as how to remove backgrounds and you could be the next up-and-coming YouTube influencer or market leader in your niche. That’s the power of video!


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