How to Ping a MAC Address

It is not possible to ping a MAC address directly in order to look for an Internet protocol (IP) address. To get an IP address from a MAC address, there are numerous methods.

Any machine that is linked to the Internet or a local intranet has a specific address known as an IP address. Each computer will share a portion of its IP address even if they are connected to the same local network. Additionally, it implies that the computer addresses will resemble one another, signifying the computers’ proximity to one another.

An Ethernet card’s MAC address serves as its distinctive identifier on a personal computer. This implies that MAC addresses are present on every PC with an integrated Ethernet connection. However, keep in mind that not every Internet connection needs Ethernet connectivity, and not every MAC address will be assigned to a PC. A printer or any other device connected to a local network may have a certain MAC address.

The methods for determining an IP address from a MAC address are shown below.

The DHCP Approach

The simplest approach for converting a MAC address to an IP address is this one. A dynamic host configuration protocol assigns an IP address to every computer, whether the user is at home or at work (DHCP). It should be noted that Windows Home and Standard do not support the DHCP console. A user only needs to launch the DHCP console on Windows, check the Address Leases under the Scope folder, and then look up an IP address using a MAC address. Look under the Unique ID column for the MAC address. The client IP address ought to follow this pattern.

A user should sign in to the router when determining an IP address from a MAC address at home. This process varies depending on the router’s manufacturer, but it ought to feature a part that shows IP addresses and Unique ID addresses. When a user is using a different operating system, such as MAC OS or Linux, this can be useful.

ARP Command Technique

If accessing the DHCP server on a machine is not accessible, another method of determining an IP address from a MAC address on Windows is by using the address resolution protocol (ARP).

Start the command prompt first. On the Start button, click. Enter after entering “cmd” in the text field without the quotation marks. The DOS Command Prompt window will open as a result. Clicking Start, navigating to the Accessories folder, and selecting Command Prompt are other ways to get the command prompt.

Run the command next. Enter after entering “arp -a” without the quotation marks. This command will list every network device that is currently connected. Finally, scan the Physical Address column for the MAC address.

Along the same lines, the equivalent IP address for that specific Physical Address should be. Simply enter “ping” and the corresponding IP address on the command prompt to ping the address. For instance, enter “ping” before pressing the Enter key.


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