How to Make the Most of Quizlet Live for Your Online Education

Teachers all over the world are finding that online educational resources like Quizlet Live are becoming increasingly important tools for their classrooms as the trend of virtual learning continues to gain momentum. Quizlet Live has been providing students with exciting and interesting learning opportunities ever since it was first introduced in the year 2016. Quizlet Live and other online resources became an even more valuable way to keep students and teachers connected after the COVID-19 pandemic forced large numbers of students to begin studying remotely.

What does “Quizlet Live” stand for?

The concept behind Quizlet Live was initially conceived as a means by which educators could transform traditional classroom instruction into a lively and engaging in-class game for their young charges. The website offers instructors the opportunity to create an account and establish a virtual connection with each of their classes. After teachers have registered, they will be given free handouts that explain what Quizlet is and how it works. These handouts are geared toward both students and their parents. Students, on the other hand, are not required to create a Quizlet Live account in order to participate in the game; however, if they choose to do so, they have the option of signing up with either their email address or a Google sign-in. There is also a fast, simple, and safe sign-up option for younger students who are younger than 13 years old, in case your pupil falls into this category.

The instructor will then choose a study set that is based on the subject matter and subtopics that they feel are most relevant. Students are motivated to learn by the fact that the website transforms the study material into a game that encourages healthy competition. Something else that makes these study sets so great? It is possible for educators to personalise them and compile their own study sets according to the requirements of their particular classrooms. The platform gives teachers the ability to import data from a variety of programmes, including Word, Excel, Google Docs, and others, which makes the option to create individualised materials very simple. After the study set has been completed, teachers have the option of making it visible to either just their own students or to the entire community of Quizlet users.

That’s right; Quizlet operates as a collaborative ecosystem to a fair degree. Quizlet already has millions of pre-existing study sets that have been created by other teachers and students all over the world. This means that teachers who don’t have a lot of time to set up their own plans can still use Quizlet. And even if a teacher chooses to use a study set that already exists, they can still make some adjustments to better fit it into their own individual instructional strategy.

What exactly is the “Team Mode”?

Team Mode was the default setting for playing Quizlet Live games before remote learning became the industry standard. When teachers wanted to turn study sets into games that they could play in the classroom, the programme would automatically place students on teams at random. Team Mode can still be played virtually in modern times, and it functions at its optimum level when students are connected through a video-conferencing platform such as Zoom.

Are you playing via remote? When the game begins, every member of the team is presented with the same question on their own screen, in addition to a set of flashcards that display a variety of possible responses. The catch is that the correct response will only be found on the set of answer cards belonging to one member of each team. Because of this, it is necessary for students to consult with their group members in order to provide accurate answers.

During this time, the screen in front of the instructor displays an interactive leaderboard that monitors the progress of each team. When a team gives the correct response to a question, they are given the opportunity to advance in the competition and get closer to the virtual finish line. Did you give the wrong answer? That team must now begin the competition all over again. Students will be able to concentrate more on working together effectively and on producing high-quality work thanks to this method.

What exactly is meant by “Individual Mode”?

Quizlet Live came to the conclusion that some changes were necessary when the year 2020 ushered in previously unseen shifts toward online education. Students now have the opportunity to compete in Quizlet Live using the individual Mode as an alternative to the more commonplace Team Mode. This Mode was introduced recently. The only thing that teachers need to do to take advantage of this new mode is select it when they are prompted to do so. In the same way as before, teachers are free to choose or create the study sets that will be used for each game. After that, they can invite students to join a session by sending them a passcode or a QR code generated by the app, which they then enter directly into the Quizlet Live platform.

Once it has begun, the game will proceed in the same manner as it would in Team Mode; however, there will be no teamwork involved. Students continue to advance on the leaderboard with each correct answer, while incorrect answers cause them to fall further down the rankings. In addition, educators are able to host games with as few as two participants or as many as forty participants. In general, this has been a very enjoyable and simple way to assist students in feeling connected while they are engaged in remote learning. It is a nice way to give students who are learning in a virtual classroom a sense of normalcy, and one way to do this is to give them the opportunity to play the same games they used to play in traditional classrooms.

Advantages for the Learners

Want to advance to the next level? Students can use the Quizlet website to help them learn outside of class time once they have become familiar with the programme. This is made possible by Study Mode, which is loaded with virtual flashcards, study reminders, quizzes, and practise tests. Teachers will be tasked with creating additional study guides, quizzes, and other content for students to explore when they are not participating in one of the live games. This will help students get the most out of this mode, which will help teachers help students get the most out of this mode.

One of the most impressive features of Quizlet Live is? Both the students and the teachers can use it at no cost. Teachers have the option to upgrade to a paid version in order to gain access to additional features such as customised teams, the capability to upload recorded audio, and more. Quizlet Live has repeatedly demonstrated that it is an excellent resource for both in-person and online learning, making it an excellent option regardless of which option you select.


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