How to Cancel the Lock on a Frigidaire Self Cleaning Oven?

The door lock on the Frigidaire self-cleaning oven prevents it from being opened during the cleaning procedure. The oven door can be secured prior to and following the cleaning cycle. Whether the oven door has been locked in the open or closed position determines the unlocking procedure. If the door is locked open, press and hold the light switch, programme the oven’s self-cleaning cycle, wait a few seconds, cancel the self-cleaning cycle, wait a few seconds more, and the door will unlock. If the door is locked, disconnect the appliance, reconnect it, then gently open the oven door. You may also attempt to initiate and terminate the self-cleaning cycle.

Press the light switch in

If your oven door is open and locked, push and hold the light switch while you cancel the lock on the door.

Set the oven to clean itself

Instruct your Frigidaire oven to clean itself. Wait at least 20 seconds before cancelling the oven’s self-cleaning function. Again, at least 20 seconds must pass. Turn off the light switch. You can now close the door that was previously unlocked.

Turn off the oven

Unplug the oven unit from the power socket if the oven door has been locked in the closed position. Allow the oven to rest undisturbed for at least five minutes. Reset the time on the oven clock, then unlock and carefully open the oven door.

Set the oven to clean itself

Alternately, the oven can be programmed to self-clean for a maximum of 15 minutes before the remaining portion of the cleaning cycle is terminated. Allow the oven to cool prior to continuing. The door can now be opened because the lock has been disengaged.


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