How Should a Letter Accompany a Donation Be Written?

The name of the charity, address details, the date of the letter, and the explanation for the donation should all be included in a letter with a donation. Normally, this kind of communication is short, but longer, more significant correspondence may be.

Address the business

Address your letter to the appropriate staff member inside the nonprofit organisation to make sure it gets to the right person. You can learn this person’s name from the organization’s website, a business card, or when you actually meet the employee. Make sure you are mailing to the correct address.

Include a motivational statement

Start off by stating why you choose to donate to this cause. Your donation might be motivated by a personal connection to the cause, an invitation to a particular event the charity is hosting, or a present given in someone’s memory. Depending on how passionate you are about the subject, your motivation for making a donation may be expressed in a single sentence or several.

Indicate the check’s value.

Use a short phrase to let the organisation know how much you are donating, such “Please find enclosed a check for $100.” Give the charity the name of the division within the charity your donation is intended for if you want it to go toward a specific project.

Sign the document.

Sign the letter, express gratitude to the charity for its efforts. Put the letter in an envelope, seal it, and add the correct postage.


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